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A deck is a a great highlight for your outdoor living space. It add even more property value to your home.

Speaking of usefulness, your new deck will also add to the amount of useable space in your home. You’ll have new spaces to work, play, and spend quality time with your family, as well as more space to keep your outside possessions and other items.

Decks allow you to be a little above ground level while sitting comfortably on an outside extension of our kitchen, den, master suite, or any other room in the house. And there is no doubt that decking materials, whether they are made of wood or have a wood appearance, contribute to the feeling of space.

I. Planning process of your deck

It isn’t the construction phase of the procedure that takes the longest. It can take a long time to decide about your deck. It is depend about how long does it take to build a deck project, weather, material or your deck builder. There is a list of things you need to decide weeks before building your dream deck:

1. Deck dig locations

The ground surface of your new deck is critical. It is either a concrete pad or regular soil. Most homeowners prefer a concrete place because decks genuinely require additional supports from the ground; your deck contractor will give you advice depending on your preference.

2. Budget

If you build a basic deck out of the least expensive lumber, you may expect to pay between $8 and $10 per square foot (depending on the material) of deck space if you do the job yourself, or around $30 per square foot if the material is installed by a professional.

a. Material choice

+ wood

A deck require durable and aesthetic material like wood. According to the National Association of Home Builders, a pressure-treated wood deck will cost between $15 and $25 per square foot, not counting the installation. A cedar wood deck will cost at least $30 per square foot, if not more. Installing a composite deck will cost between $30 and $45 per square foot.

+ composite decking

Composite deck boards are waterproofing materials for most decks. It is expected that the materials for a composite deck will cost between $9 and $16 per square foot, which includes the substructure as well as decking and fasteners. Besides, it require low maintenance, rather than wood.

+ vinyl deck

Taking into consideration both material and installation costs, the average cost of vinyl decking is between $9.5 to $15 per square foot on average.

3. Hiring a professional deck builder

We highly recommend you Decking Pros NW from Seattle. They are professional contactor that provide you various of service, from patio maintenance to deck design. You just need to contact them a few days ahead.

Necessary building permits should be available within a few working days if you require one from your local city or county zoning office. Just remember to leave yourself some wiggle room if they’re backlogged or need to examine your property before approval, which might take up the next few weeks, or even a month.

Engaging with a qualified decking contractor who can guide you through the procedure will make the process go much more quickly and efficiently. You can ask your professional contractor to prepare the building permit for you.

II. Deck construction

A professional team can complete the average deck construction job in less than a week when the project is simple and uncomplicated. The size is essential, especially if the space is between 300 and 400 square feet.

Custom jobs requiring more intricate installations and additional staff may take up to 3 or 4 weeks to complete from beginning to end. Remember that the greater the number of people available, the shorter the overall time required.

You may incur additional costs due to the inclusion of more team members and the use of more intense labor after this process. Inform our teams of your requirements to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

In addition to providing quotations for customizations, we can also provide a specified time range for each extra feature.

III. Additional features on your dream deck

It is possible that your project will not be completely finished without extra features in addition to the decking itself. Please consider your motives for installing new decking before proceeding. Is it necessary to have a comfortable spot to sit and relax?

Perhaps you’d like a place to put your pool or hot tub. Are you looking for an indoor/outdoor living room with a dining area and an outdoor kitchen? Look no further. The timelines for all three of these initiatives will be drastically different.

1. Detail attached deck

a. Fire pitsfire pits on deck

Fire pit construction add additional weight to your deck. It is possible to use fire pits on wood or composite decks without causing structural or cosmetic damage if they are placed at a sufficient distance from adjacent structures such as the home and a heat-resistant barrier is installed between the fire pit and deck to prevent potential structural and cosmetic damage due to the high-heat generated by the fire pit.

That’s why you need advice from decking experts before construction project.

b. Outdoor kitchens

Outside of a home’s indoor living space, decks are used for common dining and socializing, and outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as an addition to outdoor living spaces.

As an added bonus, the existing walls of the house can serve as a structural and protective framework for the outdoor kitchen plans at no additional cost.

c. Hot tubhot tub on your own deck

A hot tub on a deck is perfectly feasible, and it’s possible that your deck is already outfitted to accommodate one of these luxury amenities. A deck that is intended to sustain at least 100 pounds per square foot will be able to accommodate practically any sort of installation.

Many decks, on the other hand, are built to take only 50 pounds of weight per square foot – this will not be enough to support some hot tubs, and you will need to modify the supports beneath your deck.

If you are going to construct a new deck, you will first need to determine the load-bearing capability of the structure you intend to construct.

This will be determined by a variety of criteria, including joist spacing, joist overhang, footing size, soil type, and other considerations. Then calculate the total weight of your desired hot tub when it is fully loaded – this includes persons.

d. Built-in benchesBuilt-in benches

Built-in benches provide much more to a deck than just a place to sit down when entertaining. In addition to defining space at the boundaries of the deck or within its perimeter, they can also be used to accent the deck or to serve as storage space.

It’s essential to remember this because building the deck is only the first step in the construction process. Make sure to discuss your objectives with one of our specialists so that we can make the best recommendation for you. Please consult with us about our other services, such as the proper fencing around your water feature and walkways leading to and from your new deck!

Perhaps you have a better understanding of how long it will take to construct a deck and and the thought process and preparation that goes into it. Contacting your local fencing and decking professionals may obtain more information and a personalized quote on your next job.

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