Cost for IPE Decking 2022: Luxurious Ideas, Cost, Seattle WA

Cost for IPE Decking 2022: Luxurious Ideas, Cost, Seattle WA

Cost for IPE decking

Have you wondered about the cost for IPE decking? IPE Decking? Sound like a composite material, however, it is a natural wooden substructure and people are getting more and more familiar with it. Let’s Decking Pros NW – Deck Builder Seattle help you to understand further more about this type of material.

I. What is IPE Deck? – Deck Builders Kent WA

IPE Decking is a Brazilian Ipe Decking mill.


It is a type of wood that has a very tight grain and is very solid. Most pieces are dark, rich brown, but others have red or amber undertones. Extremely long-lasting and free from rot and pests by design. Offers a lifespan of 75 years or more.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

The heartwood of a tree can be any shade of brown, from reddish to yellowish to olive to black, and may even feature contrasting brown or black stripes. For some wood types, the interior is littered with a powdery, yellow coating.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

II. IPE Wood Decking Cost – Cost for IPE Decking

1. Labor Costs for IPE Decking – Deck Repair Seattle

The labor costs contributing to the overall cost for IPE decking, from digging the footings to securing the planks in place, can cost anywhere from $20 to $45 per square foot. Pressure-treated pine decks and other softer woods may be cheaper to install, but Ipe decks last much longer with much less upkeep. 

Because of this, it increases the worth of your home and will probably end up saving you money.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

2. How Much Does It Cost Per Linear Foot

Ipe decking is great because it retains some of the sun’s warmth and feels great on bare feet. It is admired for its low maintenance requirements, long lifespan, durability, and aesthetics.

However, it is more expensive than most other decking options, with prices ranging from $25 to $65 per square foot, installed. Primarily, this is because of the $20 to $45 per square foot in labor costs. The installation of Ipe is labor-intensive and requires specialized skills and equipment. The price of Ipe decking ranges from $5 to $20 per square foot.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

3. DIY IPE Decking Prices

No matter how much experience you have with deck building, you should probably think twice before attempting this on your own. The installation process for Ipe decking is more complicated than that of other types of wood.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

Ipe is hard, dense, and heavy, and it requires specific drill bits and saw blades. In addition, a concrete base for the deck may need to be poured after the site is excavated and leveled.

It’s usually best to hire a local deck builder to put in your deck while you kick back, enjoy the weather, and plan the barbecues you’ll be having there rather than doing it yourself and saving up to $45 per square foot in labor costs.

4. IPE Decking Cost for Foundation

Unless one already exists, you’ll need to build a base for your deck. The price per square foot is between $4 to $9. The foundation cost will change based on whether or not a wooden framework is required in addition to the concrete pour.

5. IPE Decking Plank Cost

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

The price of the decking boards, not counting labor, can range from $20 to $35 per square foot. It takes powerful drills and heavy-duty titanium drill bits to bore through Ipe’s dense, hardwood.

III. Benefit of IPE Decking

1. Eco-friendly

Decking made from Ipe wood lumber is made from a sustainable natural resource that may be obtained in a responsible manner. A fully mature Ipe tree can be expected to live for just approximately 30 years.

2. Hard and Strong

Ipe decking’s exceptional durability provides a number of advantages. In contrast to synthetic decking, Ipe wood will not sag, and unlike other decking materials, Ipe lumber is not affected by extremes in temperature.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

3. Resistant to Splintered

One of the most delicate parts of the human body, so the saying goes, is the foot. Avoid getting splinters and protect your loved ones.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

4. IPE Decking is Sustainable

The durability of decking materials is an important consideration when evaluating their long-term viability. One of the most durable natural decking materials is ipe wood.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

5. Low Maintenance

Some consumers choose a decking material based solely on its low up-front cost. Ipe wood is expensive to buy at first because of its high initial cost. But Ipe decking has been studied and valued as having the cheapest total life-cycle cost of any major decking material.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

IV. IPE versus Other Woods – Deck Contractor Seattle

1. Versus Composite Decking – Deck Builders Seattle

A deck made of Ipe wood is a thing of beauty. However, it lacks the adaptability of composite materials. Deck boards made from composite can be curved to resemble the waves created by a rowdy cannonball or to create the shape of a leaf, perfect for a deck in the woods.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

The rough, grayed aspect of composite boards will complement your industrial-style balcony, while the smooth expanse of rich, opulent appearing deep brown boards will add a touch of class. Although there are some advantages to using Ipe wood, the versatility of composite allows you to create a deck that is really one of a kind.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

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2. Versus Teak Wood

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

If you’re thinking about starting a woodworking project, two of the best options are teak and Ipe. Although both Ipe and teak are hard choices, Ipe is more accessible and less expensive.

In spite of restrictions on teak harvesting and trade, Ipe has emerged as a popular alternative. Teak is most commonly seen in a golden hue, however, it also can be found in a brownish hue. It ages to a darker color, like many other hardwoods.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

Grain is mostly straight, but can be wavy or interlocked at random. Its texture is rough and irregular, yet it has a beautiful, organic sheen. There are natural oils in teak that make the surface of raw, unfinished wood oily.

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3. Versus Mahogany

Genuine mahogany and ipe are both hardwoods that can be used to construct your ideal backyard paradise. Both of these types of wood are known to have lengthy lifespans, which can be partially attributed to the fact that they are both extremely durable.

Ipe is without a doubt the most durable of the two kinds of wood. Because of its exceptionally high density and level of hardness, ipe wood is often known as “ironwood.”

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4. Versus Trex Decking – Seattle Deck Contractor

All decks, no matter how elaborate, need regular upkeep. The total cost of construction, which includes materials and labor, must be paid upfront.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

Although the finished product of your ideal deck building project may be a thing of beauty, its continued attractiveness is ultimately in your hands. This means that deck upkeep is something to think about even if you choose the most robust, weather-resistant, hands-off deck available.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

Spending money on upkeep. There is a financial cost associated with cleaning supplies, as well as the cost of time spent scrubbing stubborn stains. If you’re the one responsible for upkeep on your deck, you should figure out how much you value your time. 

To do this, it is necessary to have an idea of the approximate preliminary building costs. Before choosing ipe vs Trex, it’s also crucial to consider how much care each needs on average each year.

Cost for IPE decking Seattle WA

The density of ipe, a “genuine wood” made by Mother Nature, is unparalleled. You can skip the staining and sealing steps if you like the natural gray patina it develops into. Do you know of any boats that feature teak wood? It will also deteriorate in the weather if not lubricated.

V. Is IPE Decking Worth It? – Seattle Deck Contractor

Having an Ipe deck is a great investment in your home, in my opinion. In addition to being the most aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting wood, its high levels of resilience and resistance also make it an excellent choice for constructing wooden decks. Since we want our investments to last for many years, it stands to reason that we should prioritize purchasing durable goods.

Of course, not all Ipe decking materials are the same, so you’ll want to take your time researching your options before settling on an ipe wood provider. Check that their product has been milled from good quality logs and nothing less to ensure you obtain the best pricing possible and have them advise you on how much ipe decking material you may need. Never settle for low-quality ipe decking boards because they won’t last as long.

The cost for Ipe decking may charge you roughly $100 per square meter in Australia. That doesn’t include the price of labor, though. It’s possible that building an ipe deck will be a very costly endeavor for you, but it will be well worth the investment.

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