Deck Stain Colors: How to Pick and Build Deck Colors

I. What are deck stains and why you need it?

Deck-staining time is a common question for many homeowners. Staining a deck every two to three years is the best way to keep it looking good and extend the life of the wood. Other signs that it’s time to refinish your deck include: Mold or mildew has accumulated on the deck. Water no longer bead up but soaks into the deck boards.

Staining your deck can help prevent moisture, rot, mold, and mildew. To prevent the wood from turning gray, this color pigment or tint is applied to the surface.

1. Reduct direct sun-damage

Wood that hasn’t been treated or sealed is vulnerable to the sun’s rays. Drying it out causes color changes, warping in shape, and increased sensitivity to cracks. You should use DeckScapes by Sherwin Williams as a stain on your deck, as it protects your wood from sun damage and extends the life of your deck.

2. Water resistance

As with the paint on your home’s exterior, you can protect your deck’s wood from the elements. Even though deck stain doesn’t completely cover the wood, it serves as a moisture barrier. Wood that has been soaked in water can become soft and moldy, necessitating the need to replace planks or to repair the deck, which can be costly.

3. Avoid wood cracking

A common misconception is that simply sealing a deck with a deck sealant will solve all of the wood’s problems, but this is not the case. Exterior wood will crack if exposed to the sun and the natural drying process. Using an oil-based stain prevents warping and cracking by keeping the wood moist while preventing excess water from getting into the wood.

II. Type of deck staining

1. Exterior wood stain

Water-based, oil-based, and oil-modified formulations of exterior stains are all available on the market today. Stains that are water-based offer a wider range of color options and allow the project to be finished in a matter of hours rather than days. All that is required to clean them is some liquid soap and some water

2. Interior wood stain

The majority of interior stains are semi-transparent and are applied to wood surfaces before a protective clear coating is applied on top of them. In contrast to exterior stains, interior stains do not have a clear coat applied over the top of them after they have been applied.

III. Type of wood stain colors

1. Brown deck stain color

Browns are perfect for blending in with natural surroundings and adding a sense of coziness to wooden decks. The elegance and depth of a dark brown adds sophistication, while the lightness and openness of a lighter brown like Cedar is ideal for more casual areas. Decks in city homes can benefit from the modern, urban vibe that some browns can bring.

_ Butternut brown

With stain colors like Butternut, subtlety is essential. If you have a lot of evergreen trees in your garden or want to add some shade and greenery, this is a good choice for you. Those who prefer natural materials such as grass, organic cotton, and teak wood can put Butternut to good use on walkways and decks. If your home has a light exterior, the best choice for your outdoor space is a dark wood stain.\\

2. Blue paint colors for deck

There is a current trend in interior design toward color schemes that are inspired by coastal environments, including blue. A grayish blue color that is nearly a shade darker than white is one of the colors that is used the most frequently.

A subtle atmosphere of the coast is conveyed by this nearly colorless blue color scheme. People adore the lively energy and laid-back vibe that Mediterranean-themed rooms give off because of the lighter blues and greens that are used to decorate them.

3. Gray deck stain

Gray is no longer considered to be an uninteresting color, and in fact, applying it to your wooden deck can give it more personality. Wood can be stained in a variety of colors, ranging from a light gray fresh coat to a dark brown. The majority of the time, the trend that is prevalent right now is to make use of this wonderful neutral as a foundation for bright colors such as red and yellow. When combined with black and white, gray can also be used to create a sophisticated color palette that stands out from the crowd.

_ Light gray

The wood that washes up on the beach, which has been exposed to the sun and salt water, is the inspiration for this color. You don’t need a beach house to create a seaside ambiance outside. Decorate your home with sand, sky blue, and ocean gray to make it feel like you’re on vacation. The use of strong colors in your design can also add depth and impact. For families with small children who frequently drop hotdogs dripping in mustard at backyard barbecues, beige and white may not be the best stain color choice.

4. Natural wood stain colors

Natural wood stains, such as Cedar, are popular options for many homeowners because they are lighter in appearance and work well with country and rustic styles of decoration. They are also a good option for those who are looking for a deck that complements the decor of their home, regardless of whether or not the colors used are neutral or bright.

Their design is clean and minimal. Deck stain colors such as these can assist you in producing an environment that is both soothing and inviting.

5. Red color wood stain

This redwood stain color has evolved, but it’s still a popular choice. Colors such as red for deck stains in the present day convey a sense of tradition that is unlike any other. Deep reds like Fiery evoke Italian themes, while orange-tinged reds like Granada emphasize Spanish ones. If you want to create an energetic atmosphere at a party, then this is the color for you.

IV. How to stain your deck

1. Prepare for the staining

First, the surface of the deck should be cleaned and prepared. Sand the deck in the direction of the grain of the wood using either an orbital or belt sander. Clear away any accumulation of wood dust that has occurred on the deck.

Create a batch of deck cleaner in accordance with the recommendations provided by the manufacturer. After you have applied it, remove it using a brush with a lot of bristles. To get rid of all the grime, you should clean the surface in the same direction as the wood’s grain. It is possible that you will need to carry out this step more than once if your deck is particularly dirty.

2. Clean your deck

After you have finished cleaning your deck, you should rinse it off with a pressure washer. It is important to keep a safe distance from the wood when using a fan or nozzle with a 40-degree angle. The surface of the deck is susceptible to damage if water pressure is applied directly to it. Within the next 12 to 24 hours, the deck will be completely dry.

3. Apply the first layer of stain

When the deck is completely dry, use painters tape to protect the siding of your home next to it. Apply stain or paint with a roller after that. Avoid blobs and streaks in your work. Apply the stain in 3 foot square sections, brushing the surface with a large paintbrush in between each application. Because of this, the brushstroke appears more natural, as there are no drippings or puddles. Follow the grain of the wood when staining.

4. Stain the rest of your deck

Apply the stain to any other remaining parts of the deck using a paintbrush that is smaller than the others. By paying close attention to the board edges, you can keep an eye out for brushstrokes that run in the opposite direction of the grain. After forty-eight hours have passed, you will be able to walk on the stain.

For a relaxing summer or a cozy autumn evening by the fire, staining your deck and fences is essential. Apply a sealant to your deck to protect it from the weather. To give your deck a whole new look, all you’ll need are a few basic tools and some backyard inspiration. Start with deck staining if you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests. With the right color choice for the deck’s exterior, you can have a beautiful deck.

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