10 Horizontal Fence Ideas by Deck Builders Seattle

10 Horizontal Fence Ideas by Deck Builders Seattle

Vertical fences cannot compete with the powerful stylistic tone that is achieved by these fences. Because they provide less of a “cage-like” look than vertical fences do, horizontal fences are an excellent choice for tiny patios because they give the impression of less confinement. Let Decking Pros NW – Deck Builders Seattle help and guide you through the horizontal fence ideas!

I. What is Horizontal Fences – Deck Builders Kent WA

Only fence posts and planks that run in a horizontal direction make up the components of a horizontal fence. There are no stringers employed. To reduce the likelihood of fence boards sagging, posts are typically spaced at a distance of six feet from one another.


Similarly, vertical fences have different widths and designs. You can also use pre-made fence panels for building a horizontal fence.

II. 10 Simple Horizontal Fence Ideas – Deck Repair Seattle

Horizontal Fence-ideas-designs

1. Traditional Horizontal Plank Fence

It’s great that the horizontal fence has such a choice of widths. They are an excellent method for drawing attention to your garden and giving it a more visually exciting appearance.


Due to the necessity of using boards of varying widths, the building of this fence is going to take slightly longer than anticipated. When it comes to fencing, it’s also not the most cost-effective alternative. Because it is more difficult to create the perfect design with varying widths, hiring a professional can result in a small rise in the price as well.

2. Metal Posts Fencing – Deck Contractor Seattle


When it comes to the protection of big regions, metal fences are an extremely cost-effective option, and they require very little to almost no upkeep beyond regular repairs. These fences have a lifespan that is typically between 25 and 30 years, but it is possible to prolong that lifespan even further with appropriate care and timely repairs.

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3. Black Wood Fence – Deck Builders Seattle WA

Black is one of the most effective colors for wood preservatives, despite the fact that there are many more visually appealing options. We just put up brand new fencing that we painted black.


New fencing that has been painted black has been installed here. A black fence can make a garden appear larger and more refined, which is especially useful for gardens that aren’t that big, to begin with. It’s shocking, but the facts can’t be denied.

4. Stepped Horizontal Fence

If you have a yard that is graded or if your house is on an incline, stepped horizontal fences are a terrific option for you. It is simplest to construct a staggered fence by first ensuring that each stagger has the same height and width, and then working your way downwards with the fence structure.


5. Sliding Backyard Fence – Seattle Deck Contractor

Make your horizontal fence look a little more interesting by installing a barn door gate in one of its openings. If you want to construct the fence on your own, this structure is quite simple and is an excellent option if you don’t have room for a gate that swings open and closed.


It’s possible that you have some vegetation or a structure close to the gate. In such a scenario, the barn door is going to be an excellent choice. You won’t have any trouble keeping them closed when you use their simple latches.

6. Louvered Style Fence Post

Do you know how you may adjust the blinds in your home so that you can look out, but others can see in at the same time? That is one feature of the horizontal louvered fence that I really appreciate. The boards have been positioned at an angle that allows you to look out of the backyard if necessary, but prevents others from seeing readily into it.


7. Shadow Box Horizontal Fence Panels

Whether you have a horizontal or a vertical fence, the shadow box fence is recognized as the “nice neighbor” fence. This is because of its attractive appearance. Because of this, the posts and boards of the fence look good when viewed from either side of the boundary.


A space for air circulation is provided by the boards that are attached to both of the shadow box’s side walls. This means that pedestrians can look into your backyard at an angle, but the amount they can see is significantly less with horizontal fencing than with a vertical shadow box.

8. Home-grown Garden Fence Posts

The addition of containers in the slats of horizontal fences makes it possible to create simple herb gardens and implement a variety of other ideas for container gardening.

The fact that you can give your backyard a new look with each passing season by switching up the containers is another reason why I adore this idea. Because the weight of the containers will pull on the fence, you need to be careful not to add too many containers to any one section of the fence. 

It won’t have any effect on the structure of the fence.

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9. White Picket Fence

The trends in white picket fencing are constantly shifting.

However, individuals who are concerned about the appearance of their homes ought to be aware that a fence can also serve as a fashion statement for their property.


The timeless appearance of a white picket fence will never become unfashionable. Because of this, we refer to it as a “classic.” Modifications of a more minor nature have been made here and there to the dimensions.

10. Corrugated Metal Horizontal Fence

The posts and the frame of this proposal for a horizontal fence are made of wood, and the majority of the fence itself is made of metal. When it comes to constructing the ideal backyard fence for your privacy, you have a variety of corrugated metal shape options to select from.


When you add metal, you will find that certain locations are slightly hotter in the summer. Because of this, if you plant anything nearby, you should exercise caution because it is visible through our partly metal fence.

11. Add Shelving Fence

If you want to decorate your fences with some adorable backyard yard art on a budget, installing a horizontal fence with storage is a good idea. It takes the concept of a garden in a container to an entirely new level.


If you install shelving on your fence, it will be much simpler for you to think of ideas for lighting your backyard. You could also install bird feeders, fairy houses, or anything else that comes to mind.

12. White Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is the most long-lasting, low-maintenance, and cost-effective material for fencing that is currently available. It should come as no surprise that vinyl fencing is gaining popularity among both residential and commercial properties.


On average, a vinyl fence will last between 20 and 30 years, though this will vary greatly depending on the specifics of the vinyl utilized. The manufacturer’s warranty should be consulted to determine a vinyl fence’s expected lifespan. Warranties on vinyl fences often range from 20 years to lifetimes.

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