How Much for Deck Repair Cost | 2021 Estimate

I. Average cost for deck repair

1. The price for each material deck repair

a. Vinyl deck

The vinyl deck is the cheapest in the deck category. That’s why the replacement cost is relatively affordable, only ranging from $7 to $10 per square foot.

The advantage of the vinyl deck is its high durability, high traffic density, comfortable feeling for movement, and ability to reduce noise. In addition, low price, stability, ease of installation and maintenance, variety of colors, luxurious patterns suitable for all decoration styles are also advantages that make the Vinyl deck stand in the current market.

On the other hand, vinyl deck are a unstable material, homeowner should’t drag heavy object on its surface, otherwise it will be damanged. In addition, colors may vary from exposure to too much direct sunlight or damage from extreme temperatures. For that reason, vinyl decking is not recommended for outdoor use.

b. Wood deck or railing

Wood is the most lavish deck, the repair cost range from around $25 to $50 material cost only.

The natural wood deck is a durable exterior furniture for your house, it can last for a century, proven in practice.

Natural wood deck is made from 100% solid, monolithic wood, so it has a natural beauty. Depending on the surface treatment, the natural beauty of the wood will change. Usually, nowadays, natural wood decks are painted with UV – this helps to avoid scratches, increase hardness and maintain longer-lasting beauty. Still, on the contrary, you will not have the natural feeling of walking on wood like the oil cleaning method for natural wood deck.

Because it is monolithic, it is 100% solid, so warping and shrinking are the most significant limitations of natural wood floors. Under the development of drying and processing technology, warping and shrinking have been significantly reduced, but eliminating 100% is impossible. Natural wood floors can still shrink and warp depending on the type of wood, the specifications, and the installation space.

The price of natural wood flooring is usually much higher than other materials. However, your initial investment cost will be high, but the annual depreciation cost of natural wood flooring is meager due to its high durability.

c. Composite deck

Composite deck repair has a similar cost to natural wood deck. It ranges from $20 to $50, depending on what mixed type you choose.

Composite deck has many remarkable advantages. The beauty of natural wood and the durability of plastic is its strength. Composite deck products have true and durable colors without any coating materials.

In humid weather, composite wood is not permeable to damage the surface of walls, floors, or furniture. Therefore, composite wood says no to mold and termites. Even when applied to swimming pools, the product is free from mold, algae, and algae.

In particular, composite wood panels do not absorb ultraviolet rays, do not oxidize. Besides the advantages of construction, installation, maintenance, and maintenance, wood plastic composite panels are evaluated as environmentally friendly products. Environment because they are produced from wood and plastic, very safe for the environment and human health. In addition, the use of plastic wood products has contributed to saving and conserving natural resources. Being able to recycle products after use helps to limit large amounts of waste into the environment.

Composite wood is gradually dominating and becoming an alternative to natural wood as a novelty with better features, production process, and performance are also significantly improved.

2. The deck repair cost for a specific deck project

a. Broken deck board replacement

It depends on which material you choose. The labor cost is about $50 per square foot for replacing the splintered deck. The average total material and labor cost is around $85 per square foot. With an average deck size, the cost might be up to $850.

b. Missing screws, nail

After a long period of use, your nails or screws might loosen up. It is pretty cheap; you can replace the nails or screws at home. The material and labor cost combined is about $15 per square foot.

c. Deck board replacement for heavy damage

Sadly, most of the time, you need to rebuild your deck if there is any too severe damage. The cost can raise the price To 10,000 grants for an average deck size, about $100 per square foot of deck.

II. When should you repair your deck

1. Moldy deck

The common cause of damp, moldy, and water-soaked wooden floors is hot weather and high humidity in the air. The climate of Vietnam is hot and humid all year round and often rains a lot. When the moisture in the air increases, it is unintentionally the cause of mold and mildew stains on wooden floors. In addition, with parquet floors near frequently wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens, this situation is manageable.

The general mindset of today’s consumers is often greedy for cheap. Therefore, agents often sell products at low prices and are accompanied by the inferior quality of unknown origin. Due to the poor quality of the wooden floorboards, the whole floorboard is not resistant to moisture, causing mold to appear.

If you do not clean and maintain the wooden floor properly during use, it can also cause mildew and water absorption. When you have just spilled water on the floor, you need to dry it immediately and do not leave water on the floor for many hours because it can cause water to soak into the wooden floor.

2. Splintered deck

In daily life, dropping water on the wood deck surface and not handling it in time can cause mold on the wood deck surface. Or when cleaning the deck with water regularly, it will cause the wood surface to absorb moisture and then encounter high temperatures or hot, dry weather, which will gradually crack or warp.

During the transportation process, the wooden deck movement collides, creating cracks or scratches; scratches can also be made when sharp objects scratch the wooden surface.

3. Puff deck

Temperature and humidity are environmental factors that have a direct impact on the lifespan of wooden floors.

In particular, countries with hot and humid climates like wooden floors often degrade faster, blister, warp, termites than countries with dry and cold temperatures.

Fortunately, our country has a temperate climate, so the wood deck is rarely bent.

III. How to use your deck for a long term

1. Annual maintenance

Annual mainenance mean that’s you will give your deck a clean with special equipment. Normally, you will hire your deck builder to do the job. Proper maintenance restore the original natural beauty. After the process, your outdoor laminate flooring will be restored to near-new, just like it was when you just installed it.

Besides, annual cleaning Increase the durability and longevity of wooden floors by removing stains, mold, and at the same time coating the wooden floor with a protective layer to avoid harmful agents such as sun, rain, and harmful insects.

2. Proper maintenance service

If you want t proper maintenance, you need a decent decking service. We recommend you choose Decking Pros NW, from Washington

3. Annual waterproofing

Waterproofing is the process of layering special coating for your deck. It will help your deck durable in front of severe weather. Waterproofing also prevent your deck from splintering or moldy, which mostly because moisture leak in the deck interior.

4. Deck cover

A cover is a roof above the deck. People mostly install in on top of the patio deck or front porch deck

It will create a roof your outdoor activities and prevent your deck from soaking in rain water, espcially with natural wood.


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