Hurricane Fence Company – Cost to Install

1. What is a hurricane fence, or chain link fence

In the United States, chain link fencing is commonly referred to as cyclone fencing or hurricane fencing. The diamond-shaped pattern created by the interweaving of the wires from which the fencing is made is the most distinctive feature. Regardless of whether it is supported by metal or wood poles, it must have some kind of support in order to stand up. For the safety and confinement of children and pets on private property, cyclone fencing is commonly used. It is also used to protect and enclose agricultural land, industrial properties, and athletic fields. It is even used to construct prison perimeter fences.

2. The advantages of building chain link fences

Chain link fence posts

From vinyl, metal to wood, fencing is available in a variety of styles. Chain link fencing is one of the most well-known types of fencing. Chain link fences have a number of advantages over other types of fencing, including their ease of installation and versatility. Here are a few other uses.


Do it yourself residential fencing are affordable

Fences made of chain links are usually the most cost-effective. The cost of the materials is low, and the process of assembly is straightforward. Chain link may be the best option if you’re looking for a sturdy fence but don’t want to fork over a lot of money.


Chain link fences, which are made of galvanized steel, are quality materials. A new fence never needs painting or staining because it doesn’t attract dirt and debris. A chain-link fence requires little maintenance aside from a once-in-a-while sweeping to remove leaves and cobwebs. This makes chain link an excellent choice for commercial applications and homeowners who don’t want to add another item to their to-do lists.

Security gates

Chain link fences are difficult to penetrate if they are installed correctly. Interlocking galvanized steel wires are bent vertically, joined in a diamond pattern, and attached to steel poles that are embedded in the ground to form a chain link fence. Visibility comes from the open weave, but it’s difficult to get past it. This is why high-security areas like prisons, military bases, and industrial facilities frequently use chain link fences for protecting their yard.

Extensive range of fence services and product

There are a plethora of styles and designs for chain link fences. Galvanized steel wires come in a variety of gauges and styles, and the thicker the wire, the better the security and durability. Chain link fences typically range in height from 3 feet to 12 feet, but they can be made even taller if necessary. For example, you can opt for a swing gate, a pedestrian gate, or an automatic sliding gate. The traditional steel color can be replaced with a color-coated metal. There are many uses for chain link fences, from residential to commercial, and they’re extremely versatile. Chain link fencing comes in a wide variety of styles, from the tall and imposing to the low and inviting, all of which can be color-coated to match your home’s exterior. This type of fencing is easy to put up, long-lasting, and cost-effective. Cost Measure for each product doesn’t have a huge gap.

Low maintenance

Fences made of chain-link require little to no upkeep. The rusting fences that have been exposed to long periods of rain will eventually occur, but it will take many years. Today’s chain-link fence installers, such as All Around Fence, apply a protective coating to all of the chain links. It’s possible to paint the metal any color you want while also protecting it from further deterioration and corrosion.

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