7 Best Front Porch Covers for Patio in 2021

7 Best Front Porch Covers for Patio in 2021


A beautiful roof covers not only creates shade, but it will also bring aesthetics to your home. In addition, you can use the method below to install patio covers or any outdoor room cover.

In a country with a diverse climate, a porch or patio cover is vital for your home. Dining outdoor is much more interesting than in your living room. Gathering under the patio cover is also a great experience. If you want to contact a decking service, check out Decking Pros from Bellevue, WashingtonThey also provide covers design and maintenance for your home.

I.Front porch cover material

1. Wood front porch – patio cover

With this design, you are assured of solidity because the builder attaches the porch or patio cover to the wall. Some people find wooden materials add elegance and warmth to the home; they can shade the light pretty well.


However, wood materials are often costly. Their application in the design also needs to be carefully calculated. This is the perfect choice for bungalows, patio, outdoor kitchens, garden houses, or villas with extensive gardens. This is one of the most beautiful porches and patio cover models.


2. Fabric front porch – patio cover

The fabric cover is currently the design trend of many apartments because of its versatility. People find this design is versatile. It is removable; you can take it out to enjoy the view if you like.


The front porch or patio deck was covered entirely, but it could not shade the sunlight completely. Due to this factor, it can be a perfect pool cover or patio cover.blog

The colors and designs of these cover ideas are also very diverse. Each product gives users an impressive style and perspective, completely different.

3. Glass movable front porch covers

The glass front roof is the choice for homes that enjoy natural light without worrying about wind and sunlight. This design is long-lasting; homeowners can use it for years without any severe maintenance. But the initial design cost is quite expensive, so you also need to consider it when choosing this style.


A glass roof will be very suitable for a home that likes to receive natural light. Glass material has almost no effect on shading. So If you want to avoid the rain but still want to see the sky view, consider this cover. It is excellent for patio or pool; you can have outdoor dining without worries.

You can put under the roof a tea table, an easel to enjoy life after every working day. Also, the pool that was covered glass roof will be unique. You can swim without direct sunlight but still can experience the warmth from the sun.


4. Metal porch cover

If you tend to spend a low budget on your cover, this is the design for you. This iron cover is easy to construct with high durability. In particular, its price is also low. You can easily install it without spending too much. Your patio deck or porch can be covered fully without direct sunlight; however, this material is not the best idea for your cover.


II.Porch cover model

1. Back porch cover

Add a cover to the back porch so you may slide open the back door while being covered when you step into the backyard. When the door is open, this creates an indoor-outdoor sense. It’s the ideal way to host outdoor dining without struggle entering inside.


2. Front porch Cover with skylights

Maintain a classic look with a timeless design while using modern skylights. This cover is beautiful because it allows individuals to enjoy the sky view and surroundings from the comfort of their yard while remaining unobscured by the element.

3. Surrounding front porch cover

A circular cover serves several purposes, including ornamenting plants and filling the space with comfortable, elegant furnishings. There are various precautions because the house’s cover extends out onto the porch.


4. Sunroom patio covers

No matter the weather, the sunny patio is a terrific area to enjoy the outdoors. The solarium will stand out from the rest of the house if it is built with contrasting materials and colors. Listening to nature’s music, such as falling rain, is especially enjoyable under a tin roof

Install a balcony away from the living room to enjoy the view from above. Relax and enjoy the view from the modest porch space while being shielded from the sun, wind, and rain by the gable porch. A circular cover serves several purposes, including adorning with hanging plants and filling the space with comfortable, elegant furnishings. There are various precautions because the house’s roof extends out onto the porch.


5. Ceiling dome cover

The domed ceiling creates a feeling that the cover is more extensive than its actual size. Adding touches like intricate stone columns will stand out against the wooden furniture and even the wooden ceiling.


6. Outdoor patio cover


This design is ideal for an outdoor dining area that wishes to enjoy the light during the day and the stars at night.

The patio shade structure provides adequate shade while also adding a touch of beauty. The design will keep the courtyard isolated from the rest of the outdoor space without obstructing the view.

7. Sail design front porch cover

This type of design will help to shade the sun. Another advantage of this roof is the flexibility, which can be used in many different places such as patio deck, swimming pool, pergola, or front porch. This is also a versatile design; you can open it when you need it. An outdoor dining room is not a bad idea; you can use this design to cover above it.


8. Mobile porch cover with sliding door

This is the patio and porch cover used for homes with variable wind directions and does not want much sunlight in the space. With this portable patio cover system, you can customize it in any order, ensuring sun coverage.


A portable cover with a sliding door is very convenient in all circumstances, sunny or rainy; it is also easy to use. When you intend to choose this patio cover designing, you need to order it at professional facilities. With their experience, they will conduct actual measurements. From there, select the appropriate patio cover models with standard sizes with your room to complete, ensuring the best performance.

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