Modern Second Story Deck – 8+ Two-Story Deck Designs

I. Why should you get a second story deck?

1. Easy access to backyard

In a home that is built into the slope of a hill, where it is more difficult to gain access to the outdoors from the rear of the first floor, a walk-out basement may be able to provide direct access to the backyard.

2. Extension on room space

The integration of the outdoor space into the overall design of the house can be facilitated by the construction of a deck on the upper level of the house and a staircase leading from the master bedroom.

3. Provide shade for the area underneath

In addition to this, it can act as a sun and rain shield for a lower patio, transforming it into something more akin to an outdoor living space. As long as it meet the local building codes, you are safe you build a deck.

II. 8 modern Second story deck ideas

1. Second story decks with spiral stare case

Make your home stand out from the crowd with a dramatic patio cover thanks to this stylish second-floor deck building.

The deck’s gable roof means you can enjoy it even if it’s raining outside. If you’re looking to keep cool in the summer and light up in the winter, this is the room for you!

Extra family room with sprical stair case deck

2. Beach style elevated decks

This is a stunning view from a second-story balcony in the evening.

To further blur the line between inside and outside, it is equipped with bi-fold doors that can be opened to their widest position. They’ll also make hosting parties and dinners a lot more enjoyable, as well.

Beach style elevated decks

The second-story deck can be a nice place to relax on clear days and breezy nights if some seating is placed there. Installing warm-toned yellow outdoor lights is also a smart move.

Additionally, the exterior of this beach-themed home is made of grey concrete fiberboard and a shingle roof.

3. Second story deck as patio cover

This traditional home design has a second-story deck and a cozy patio below it for your next inspiration for a second-story deck.

You can use glass railings on the second-story deck to both ensure safety and make the area look more refined. The deck appears to be more spacious thanks to the addition of this transparent feature, which allows it to be extended into the surrounding landscape.

To add some variety, place a variety of colored chairs, such as black rattan chairs and white ones. The earthy tones of the house go well with this muted color scheme.

Protect the first story deck

You can create a second semi-outdoor living space in your home by building a deck over the patio below. An outdoor dining table and comfortable armchairs are shown here. You can have more space for more guests at home.

4. BBQ featuring first-floor deck

If you have a large backyard and a deck on the second floor, you can host parties in different locations.

This deck can be accessed by guests without having to enter the house thanks to the steps.

BBQ floor on second story porch

This deck’s white stair railings and metal railings are a personal favorite of ours. With their classic yet modern design, they can be used in a variety of settings, but they look particularly good in a rustic or country-inspired one.

For dinner parties and barbeques, the backyard’s ground level serves as the primary gathering place. Second-floor deck seating and an outdoor fire pit make this a great place to relax and unwind.

5. Wrap-around second story deck

Wrap the whole structure in a second-story deck. Consider building an extension if you want to maximize the amount of space in your home as well as provide multiple entertaining and relaxing areas.

Two smaller decks are combined into one large one in this example. A new deck that wraps around the entire structure allows for multiple entrances to the house. You’ll find a staircase that leads directly to the backyard when you enter the house.

Wrap-around deck project

Make the most of the deck’s wrap-around design by setting up multiple seating areas. This house is ideal for entertaining large groups of people because each member of the family has their own private outdoor area.

There are no bad choices here; the white siding and gray roof look great with the decking. This results in an overall muted appearance on the exterior.

6. Victorian-style hand-railing second story deck

You may be surprised to learn that you can cover the patio below the roof extension and turn it into a lovely second-story deck. It’s a two-in-one solution that allows you to host events in multiple locations.

Installing ornate metal railings with floral patterns and details on the second-story deck is an option. The deck area will be awe-inspiring thanks to this.

Traditional style deck

A rural or suburban backyard like this one can serve as a great source of inspiration for almost any type of home. Wooden pillars, red brick, and white-shutter windows all contribute to the building’s classic look.

Modern elements like gravel and manicured lawn, as well as a BBQ grill, and ceiling fan/light combo, can be added at the same time. Remember that creating a space that works for you is the most important thing!

7. Balcony second story deck

This next deck is both rustic and modern at the same time, making it a great option for entertaining. Choose a brown color scheme and contemporary furniture for a more modern appearance.

Deck as your balcony

Trex Signature® Aluminum Deck Railing’s charcoal black color is a perfect match for the wood’s natural grain. Meanwhile, the composite Vintage Lantern posts will enhance the aesthetics of the area.

Turquoise window and door frames are a great way to inject some color into the design. Adding a dash of whimsy can have a big impact.

8. Get your own design with vibrant color story deck

It’s hard to beat a brightly colored home with eye-catching design features for making a statement.

Spiral staircase leading to second-story deck is an example of this trendy home’s architectural style. There are chairs and tables that can be set up in this area so that people can take a break from work during the day.

Vibrant color deck

When it comes to color, red and green are inseparable. The combination works well, despite the fact that it is not the most common. Fun and harmony are created by contrasting the vibrant red with the more subdued green.

III. Some notes before a second story deck building

1. Decide the building

When designing a second-story deck, support and stability is of the utmost importance. A ledger board is required to secure second-story decks to the house, but stability is also required at the deck’s base. Upper deck posts are typically secured to the lower deck by securing them together. Alternatively, a cement patio can be poured over the lower lever, or the posts can be secured with cement.

While building a ground-level space yourself is doable if you have the right skills, it is not recommended that you do the same for a second-story deck.

2. Deck material

_ Natural wood

Wood decking made of softwoods is generally less expensive than that of other types. Cedar and Redwood are the best woods to use if you are on a tight budget. Pine, despite its lack of durability, is still a cost-effective, viable, and trustworthy option.

_ Concrete

Concrete decks and patios are more cost-effective than those made of other materials. You’ll save money in the long run because of its long-lasting beauty, durability, and low maintenance requirements. Safety. Concrete decks are non-combustible, so there is no danger of fire from heat or cooking.

_ Composite material

Compositing is an option if you’d rather do other things. Composites are available in a wide range of hues. Composites, as opposed to wood, don’t need to be stained or painted to match the exterior of your home. Recycled materials can be used.

The cost of composite decking is unquestionably higher than that of wood. Because of its remarkable likeness to natural wood and high level of performance, it is a popular choice for decking. To ensure that the value of the property is transferred to the next owner, it is easier to clean and maintain.

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