13 Beautiful Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas for Every Corner

I. Why do you need deck lights for outdoor lighting?

1. Increase safety when night falls

install deck lighting make your deck safer

As an additional point of entry to your home, a deck should be well-lit for aesthetics and security reasons. Unwelcome guests can be deterred by illuminating tripping hazards such as stairwells and other potential hazards. Your deck will be illuminated from dusk to dawn, making it more difficult for trespassers to sneak on without being seen.

2. Add value to your property

There are various ways deck lighting can be used, from safety and security to illuminating an outdoor dining area and highlighting architectural features like a pool and fountain. Also, it can be used to set a specific mood or atmosphere for a particular event.

3. Consistency

Consistent looks and matching lights can be achieved by incorporating lighting into your railing. For a seamless look from post to light, many companies offer lighting that matches their railing exactly. If lighting availability changes, your railing system may look out of place with retrofitted lights.

II. Deck lighting

1. Solar lights or solar lighting

Using heat from the sun

Say goodbye to complicated wiring and hello to the most straightforward lighting upgrade you’ll ever find for your deck. Solar deck lights are simple to install, save money on energy costs, and extend the amount of time you can enjoy your outdoor space.

Decking Pros NW offers a huge selection of solar lighting options, ranging from post caps to rail lights, to help you turn your dream deck into a reality. Please browse our extensive selection, or contact us for expert advice.

2. Pergola outdoor lights

Perfect outdoor deck with balcony lighting

String lights or wired light fixtures in your pergola rafters are both options for lighting your outdoor space. The addition of these deck lights draws attention to the structure’s architectural features as a whole. To transform your deck into a nighttime wonderland in a flash, use some super special effects to illuminate it. If you want to create a magical glow in your backyard, warm white bulbs and looping them overhead will be the quickest method. You can instantly transform your outdoor space into something completely different by suspending these from awnings, pergolas, or trees.

3. Asian lanterns

Mid century modern with lantern

Use outdoor lanterns to illuminate your deck space if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to brighten the area. Lighting fixtures powered by batteries, sunlight, or candles (or both!) are portable, allowing you to place them where they are most needed.

4. Post cap lights

Post cap light

deck post cap lights are an excellent choice for deck space. Decker cap lights are available in LED and solar-powered models and can be purchased at most home improvement stores or on the internet.

5. In-step deck lights

There are several low-voltage options to consider when illuminating your deck floor. Combinations of sunshine in the corners of the deck, near the steps, and the seats are most effective.

6. Glow light outdoor spaces

Soft glow on your deck

A good idea for illuminating decking walkways and even deck railing ideas is to use recessed lighting. For a unique look, you’ll have to go a little further in your search for them both online and in-store. LEDs installed in a contemporary deck design create a stylish effect by adding colour. It has become possible to change the color of the lights on your deck using LEDs and control the lights from a distance of up to 40 feet. The result is a wide range of customization options, from the color and brightness to the effects you want to use. Suitable for all kinds of social events!

7. Firepit


The light from fires is magical at night. A firepit, log burning brazier, outdoor fireplace or chimenea is great deck lighting ideas. It provides warmth and extra light, allowing you to extend gatherings late into the night. Never use a fire pit in windy conditions, especially on a wood deck. The flames will also cast interesting shadows, especially if plants surround your deck. Add up-lighters at the base of plants and recessed deck lights to create a multi-level effect.

8. Statement lights

Perfect for your deck

Deck areas used for relaxation and entertaining can benefit from the sleek contemporary look provided by an arching statement floor lamp. A stunning centrepiece for your outdoor living space can be achieved with the help of creative deck lighting ideas like this one. As well as looking good, many of the newer models come equipped with convenient features like built-in heating and Bluetooth speakers and dimmable lights at the bottom.

9. Low voltage lights for soft glow

Under stair deck light

Low-level recessed lights, which look great integrated into steps, are an excellent choice for illuminating pathways, actions, and any other deck-level changes. Your deck will be much more enjoyable with the cool white light, not too hot from the high-heated light bulb

A deck’s recessed lights provide soft light that is not glare-inducing. Modernize your deck’s appearance by embedding white or colored LED spots in the wood. Also, it adds visual appeal to your deck.

10. Light under the plant pot

You can create a stunning deck that is perfect for evening garden entertaining by incorporating subtle lighting into the design. Deck planting ideas benefit from the use of angled lighting, which enhances the shape of the leaves and creates interesting shadow play. Choose the most appropriate lighting for plants and tree trunks to create the desired atmosphere.

Beauty from deck lighting

11. Split level backyard lights

Spilit level backyard

If you have a backyard with a split level, this is your opportunity to create something truly spectacular, with deck lighting playing an important role. Using a well-lit decked area, you can draw attention to a focal point in your garden, such as a stunning water feature. Additionally, a directional spotlight mounted above the feature can be used to enhance the appearance further. It may necessitate some forethought, but the results will be well worth the effort.

In-wall split level backyard

12. Single lightbulb

A single pendant light will be sufficient to cast a soft glow across your deck at night. Everything hinges on how you plan to make use of the area. Put up a single pendant light and two wall sconces under an awning or porch to give the room a soft glow without being too harsh.

13. Under cap deck lighting

Under cap lighting is required for built-in benches or countertops. You can illuminate the area below a flat surface like a bench with these hidden fixtures. Outdoor kitchens can be lit to help everyone see what they’re doing.

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