Trex Transcend Railing Installation Guide for New Home

I. What is Trex transcend railingTrex railing

Transcend railing is a set of deck railing that has multiple patterns for you to choose from. It is made up mostly of recycled material, which is suitable for an eco-friendly home. Trex is the best US resources for the deck-building kit.

They always have a 5.0-star rating review on Google for the quality. A decent deck will add significant value to your outdoor space. You can purchase it at the Trex store, at the site Trex also offers delivery If you need it.

1. The advantages of Trex transcend railing

a. Wide range of colors

The Trex Transcend composite railing has many colors available. The homeowners can mix and match colors that can fit with your stair railing and deck rail.Trex transcend railing shade catalog

From charcoal black to light brown, or even rope swing Trex railing, which is a coffee-free shade. Classic white deck railing is also the most-pick shade of transcend railing.

b. Durable25 year limited warranty

Their products are made up of recycled, highly durable materials. It won’t rot warp even if you use it for a long time. Trex 25 year limited is the signature warranty of Trex company. They will always give a 25-year warranty on all their products. If the product is rot warp, you can completely be covered by Trex’s policy.

c. Eco-friendlyTrex board with recycled material

It is made of 95% recycled materials. For that reason, it is incredibly eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint. The material will make the Earth have a low carbon footprint. In addition, Trex company has warrants 65 warnings. No chemicals are harmful to customers, their home, or their work environment.

2. The only disadvantages of Trex transcend railing

Trex transcend railing always provide the best quality supplier; that’s why they charge a lot of their product. Approximately $60 per foot of linear is not an average price. Usually, you will have to buy the 8 rail for a 1-foot linear railing. Trex transcends composite is the most expensive kind since it has the highest durability.Trex transcend railing

However, instead of purchasing a third-time-cheaper product and having to replace it every ten years with no warranty, you can use the transcend railing system from Trex; it can last for over 25 years with low maintenance. Afterward, you can still use it for another 25 years without worrying.

II. Trex transcend modular components

1. Baluster barBaluster bar

There are many types of rails with different structures to choose from. The host can mix and match according to your liking. Each type will have different uses, named after the shape of the rail. The rail length is about 8 inches. The dimensions from is : 36” Rail Height: 1.418” x 1.418” x 30.375” (36 mm x 36 mm x 771 mm)

a. Universal top rail and Universal Bottom rail

The transcend universal bottom rail, and the top rail is shaped like an H letter. It provides strength for the balusters.Universal top rail and Universal Bottom rail

b. Crown top rail

As I said, it is named after the shape. Its shape is like a mini crow on the bottom and top.Crown top rail

2. Infill kit

The Infill kit is a kit of connecting rods and screws for a deck railing installation. You can buy them at’s website or use individual elements if you don’t feel the need.Infill kit

3. Post sleeve

It is the protection for you transcend rail post. It is mainly made from metal and is longer than the actual length of your post.Post sleeve

4. Post cap and post skirt

Post cap is the bottom of your rail to secure the bottom rail. It comes in many sizes and shapes. Sometimes, you can use it to cover the bottom of a poorly constructed fence.To avoid that, hire a decent deck builder, so you don’t have to worry about the ugly bottom rail.

Decking Pros NW is a quality deck builder. They can handle decking and railing, providing the best service for your home. They have a 5.0-star rating on the Google review. Check out their for detailed prices and free advice!

III. Trex transcend color catalog

Trex always has a unique way to name their color; you cannot guess their color just by looking at the name. Below is a signature color catalog from Trex for you to choose! These colors also apply to transcend deck board for your transcend decking.

1. Brown variety

In the brown shade catalog, the tree house vintage lantern always has the highest star rating because it brings summer’s warmth to people’s houses. This is also a shade that can resemble the wood color. People choose this for the aesthetic.TreehouseVintage Lantern

2. Gray variety

With this shade, we suggest you choose gravel path, foggy wharf, or rocky harbor. They are the no.1 item in your shopping. People give those shade high star ratings and good reviews on Google search.Gravel Path

rocky harborFoggy wharf

Although, at first glance, gray looks dull, on the other hand, it creates a feeling of elegance and luxury that is difficult to describe. Technically, gray is the midpoint between white and black, making it seem like a neutral color, thoroughly to combine perfectly with most other colors in the palette. It can be said that gray is one of the most versatile colors in the spectrum.Rocky harbor

Its shades often provide subtle notes of other shades that give each gray its unique feel. Gray can create a warm scheme just as easily as a calm color; it can lead to modern and glamorous images, calm and light, or lively and energetic. Each different shade of gray can create a distinct look, feel and style for the design.

3. White shade

For the white variety, rope swing gets the best star rating and reviews among the others. White is the typical color of modern interiors, so is porcelain white. It’s not too cold like pure white or too dark like gray-white. It has a pure, gentle beauty. Porcelain white represents a modern and sophisticated beauty that anyone can hardly deny. In particular, it also makes everything in the house neater.Rope swing

4. Black variety

For the black category, we pick charcoal black as an item in your shopping. Black is often used to decorate floors, windows, walls, and furniture, and home appliances. Although black will bring a sense of luxury, overuse will make the house dark. We suggest installing a cocktail railing with charcoal black – classic white, which is a perfect pair for your house. Creating contrast for the house will make them appear more spacious, creating accents for your home.Trex charcoal black

To reach Decking Pros NW for detailed information about the product, reach contact information below for more information:

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