Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool Ideas and Seattle Cost in 2022

Most people prefer the inground pool, the longevity of an in-ground pool cannot be matched by any other type. It is possible for them to last for fifty years or perhaps longer with proper maintenance and maybe one or two renovations. Even with proper care and protection from serious damage like tearing, an above-ground pool has a lifespan of just approximately ten to fifteen years at most.

However, a simple deck for above ground pool is a great option because there are way too many benefits, preventing leaking, safer, more shape, and no digging required. Let’s Decking Pros NW – Deck Builder Kent WA shows you everything about above-ground pool decks.

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Awesome Deck Design Ideas – Seattle Deck Contractor

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

1. Classic Round Above-ground Pool Deck

You will require a report from an engineer and a grading plan in addition to the nine dump trucks of fill dirt that you will need in order to level the slope in the backyard in order to make it suitable for an inground pool. This is necessary in order to make the backyard suitable for an inground pool. The entire amount that was spent on all of these things came to around $10,000, and that was just the beginning.

The homeowner decided with your Deck Repair Seattle to go with an above-ground pool with a round shape and a diameter of 21 feet. He then put the money he saved toward the construction of a stunning deck made of composite wood that went all the way around the pool.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool
Ground Pool Deck Ideas

The walk-in steps are a distinguishing feature of this above-ground pool, creating the illusion that the pool is inground despite the fact that it was placed above ground. The addition of an above-ground pool to this construction site would be very much appreciated. The homeowner saved a significant amount of money as a result of the pool fence and landscaping installation.

2. Deck Platform Above-ground Pools

People who do not have a shortage of space can take advantage of the various benefits that come with purchasing this above-ground pool and deck combination. A barrier of protection from inquisitive children and animals is provided by the elevated pool deck that has paneled walls surrounding it.

In addition to this, the filtering apparatus may be readily stored underneath! The installation of this particular inground pool was a breeze in contrast to that of other similar pools. The owners were merely looking for an alternative that was less expensive.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool
Classic Round Pool

This pool is 20 feet by 40 feet and features a pergola providing shade in the afternoon. I’ve been told that the construction of this pool took less than a week.

3. Half Submerged Pool Deck

This circular above-ground pool measures 15 by 30 feet and is surrounded by yet another deck made of composite wood. Because the pool deck here extends over approximately half of the pool wall, this particular choice is considered to be an in-ground swimming pool. The pool deck lends an air of sophistication and cohesion to the overall design of this above-ground swimming pool.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

When it comes to the safety of infants and pets, the additional height provides a benefit that is quite insignificant but very much appreciated. Additionally, it prevents the collection of falling leaves, which is another benefit to maintaining the cleanliness of the pool.

The evergreen cypress trees that are planted along the pool’s perimeter and partially obstruct the path of the fence help to conceal the identities of those who are swimming in the pool from curious onlookers. If you want to hide the taller portion of the pool wall, you might use more potted plants that are contained within rectangular planter boxes. However, I find that the result as a whole is quite attractive to the eye.

4. Pool Deck with Safety Railing

If you have an above-ground pool that is surrounded by a deck, deck contractor Seattle suggests you use a safety pool cover on it during the winter, while you are on vacation, or at any other time you want to ensure that the pool is secure.

No of the time of year, wooden pool decks like this one already have a security system installed that cannot be circumvented. The upper deck of the house has a gate that automatically latches as you go up to it thanks to the design of the house.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

The lattice that is placed underneath the pool serves as an economical cover for the framework of the pool. A small door that is easily observable provides access to the pump and filter equipment, and there is also sufficient room for storing pool supplies.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

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5. Automatic Cover Pool Deck

A self-closing system for an above-ground swimming pool? Well, deck builders Seattle WA say Yes! One potential solution involves erecting a wooden deck all the way around the swimming pool. A cover reel is stored in a box at one end of the pool, and pull ropes run along the edge of the pool.

The cover reel is supported by aluminum rails that run the length of the pool. Automatic coverings offer unrivaled safety for any pool design, preserve the pool’s pristine condition, and greatly reduce the cost of heating the water in the pool.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

The raised decking that surrounds the pool keeps falling leaves from washing into the water when they hit the ground. When night falls, a recessed light shines on the ramped-up transition to provide illumination. Although it appears to be built into the ground, this 18 x 36-foot pool was really built fully above ground. A pool deck gave it the appearance of being in the ground.

6. Semi-Buried Pool

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

The conventional style of an above-ground pool has been updated in a fairly innovative way here. The deck of the pool is built directly into the ground, and extra-wide boards of wood are used to cover the walls and railings of the pool. The fact that above-ground pools do not need to have any digging done to install them is one of the reasons why they are so popular.

To provide further clarification, a swimming pool that is half submerged and partially elevated above ground is referred to as a semi-inground pool. Despite the fact that the majority of the pool will normally be dug into the ground, there can be a portion of it that is elevated a few feet above the surface.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

If you can save money by avoiding expensive excavation, you can help save the trees that are near the excavation site, and you won’t have to figure out how to deal with any leftover fill material.

On the one hand, an inground pool is normally built completely below the surface of the ground during the construction process. On the other hand, a pool that is created or installed above ground does not touch the ground at any point. Decks or other entryways, such as ladders, are often required for use with these types of pools.

7. Partial Platform Pool Deck

This pool was built according to the regulations and features areas that may be used for lounging as well as entertaining guests. The apparatus for the pool can be hidden out of sight under a deck like this one.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

A stunning palette is driven by clashing hues and neutral tones that are in harmony with other elements of the outdoors. The utilization of composites in this context will enable the materials to have a longer lifespan while also reducing the requirement for the use of renewable resources. This layout, which is also known as a “Quarter-Deck,” is quite prevalent because of the excellent value for the money that it offers.

8. Safety Fence and Deck Platform

Despite the fact that the execution of this plan for an above-ground pool deck is pretty impressive, the pattern gives us – a Seattle deck contractor a slight feeling of vertigo. Utilizing prefabricated wall panels allows for installation to be completed more quickly while also increasing the pool’s level of safety.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

This arrangement makes it possible to build on the ground level while still providing space for a pool with a walk-out or walk-up entry. In order to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring, self-closing hinges and self-locking latches should be installed on fence gates, and other safety elements should be included in the pool deck itself.

9. Steps Decking

This pool has a depth of around 24 inches and was dug out to the halfway point before being filled in. Drain pipe and gravel were most likely employed at that point to fill in the space that had been left. The next thing that needed to be done was to construct an entrance platform and a composite deck around the perimeter of the pool.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

On top of the half-height pool deck is a massive step entry system, which is one of my favorite features of the pool. Although it is not large enough to accommodate a wicker seating set with four pieces, it is sufficiently pleasant for sitting on while you put your toes in the water.

10. Stock Tank Pool with Deck

A stock tank is a common piece of farm equipment used for storing food and water for animals (and occasionally used as a DIY swimming pool). In recent years, however, they have become popular among city inhabitants who equip them with pumps and chlorinate the water to use as backyard pools. Wood, however, rots or splinters easily and must be regularly maintained through oiling, sealing, and waterproofing.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

No of the dimensions, all pools provide a drowning risk. Never leave a child unattended near any kind of water feature, even stock tanks. A stock tank’s 2 feet of depth is still too deep for comfort or safety. Six inches of water is sufficient to cause drowning for both children and adults.

Pool Decking Materials – Deck Repair Seattle

1. Concrete Pool Deck – Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

Concrete is, and always has been, a popular choice for decks. Its adaptability is a key selling point. Decks can be made of stained, stenciled, or stamped concrete to make them look like stone, brick, or other materials.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool
Concrete Deck

If you’re looking for a straightforward, minimalist, and reasonably priced pool deck, the poured version shown here is a great alternative to consider. Stamped concrete, which is textured or imprinted, is a more attractive alternative to smooth, poured concrete. It satisfies the requirements for an ideal pool deck surface by being aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and simple to clean.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool
Concrete Pool Deck

Furthermore, it allows for a wide variety of customization in terms of aesthetics, something that is just not available with other pool deck materials. Different stone, brick, and tile patterns, as well as wood-grain textures, can be achieved with the help of stains, powdered pigments, and antiquing agents. In this case, the deck has been given a stone-like texture to improve grip.

2. Composite Wood Deck

When compared to wooden decking, composite material absorbs significantly less water. To prevent rotting and warping, the plastic polymers wrap the wood fibers in this recycled plastic-and-wood-fiber composite. With its low cost, outstanding visual quality, and low maintenance, composite is the optimal solution for damp environments. For added security, you can get composite decking with a capped finish that has a low water absorption rate.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool
Composite Wood Deck

The visual appeal of composite decking is unparalleled. The composite is clean, sharp, and has a sumptuous appearance, making it ideal for creating that ultra-modern, hipster vibe. Our teak and oak composite decking looks great against the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you’re curious about the composite decking colors we offer, I suggest browsing the rest of our inventory. Composite is the material that keeps on giving because of how little it costs to maintain it after it’s installed. An annual cleaning and composite coating will extend the life of the surface. You may rest easy knowing that your business warranty will cover you for 10 years.

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3. Classic Wooden Deck

Pine, cedar, and Brazilian ipe are just some of the more affordable natural wood options. Because of its greater accessibility in India, teak is the ideal option for furniture. Insects, mildew, and mold have no chance against teak’s natural resistance. Anywhere you have a wooden deck, you should clean it, sand it down, and seal it every season.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool
Ground Pool Design with Wood

Tannins, which are typically used to color wood, have already been leached out of recycled timbers, making them a viable choice. That the bottoms of your feet, and whatever else, remain unsullied. Spotted gum and teak were utilized for the pool decking. The general rule is that higher quality wood, which has not been dyed, will not leech color into its surroundings as quickly.

If you value the classic, homey feel that only genuine wood can provide, a wooden deck is a great option. It’s simpler to work with than other deck materials in terms of cutting, shaping, and installation. What’s more, it works well with any style of outdoor decor.

4. Paver

Pavers made of concrete, brick, or stone can be placed down to create a path, patio, or pool deck. Pavers can also be used for driveways. Concrete, stone, or brick are the most common materials used in their construction, with concrete and stone offering the greatest degree of durability. The concrete pavers in this picture are designed to look like natural stone, but in reality, they are interlocking with one another.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

Pavers can be replaced with fresh new ones in the event that they become damaged, despite the fact that they require no maintenance of any kind. It is possible to give their surface a texture that prevents slipping. They are not fragile and will not accumulate water in any way.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool
Brick Deck

Before pavers can be set down on the ground, the ground needs to be perfectly level, and a permanent border needs to be installed around the pavers so that they do not move around. They discolor easily and take on stains well. It’s also possible for weeds to thrive in the cracks and spaces between the bricks.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Above Ground Pool Deck?

1. Installing Cost – Deck Builders Seattle

The installation of a simple deck for above ground pool can cost anywhere from $2,560 to $11,200 on average, but this figure can vary widely depending on the dimensions of the pool. For decking an above-ground pool, the market rate is often anywhere from $15 to $30 per square foot, with the price tag potentially being higher or lower depending on the specifics of the layout and the quality of the materials used.

The cost of the deck alone can vary from $2,800 to over $10,000 when professionally done, or it can be a simple DIY project that costs between $800 and $3,000.

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2. Pool Equipment – Patio Contractor Seattle

The price of supplementary equipment packages can range anywhere from $720 to $1,410 depending on factors such as the size of the pool, its shape, the height of the walls, the type of the frame, the top rails, the location of the skimmer wall hole, the type of liner, the quality, the accessories, and the warranties.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

Frame, filter, pump, liner, ladder, and a guarantee that lasts for two years are all included as standard components of even the most fundamental pool kit. The more expensive above-ground pool systems typically include amenities such as water jets, a skimmer, steel walls, a longer guarantee, and a more lasting liner in addition to a set of steps. Steel walls are also sometimes included.

Decking, a fence, and a cover are typically included in deluxe packages that are offered by providers of above-ground pools that also do installation of the pools.

3. Electrical Equipment – Deck Builders Kent WA

a. Filter

The price of an above-ground pool filter can range from $40 all the way up to $770 on the high end. The debris and dirt that would generally sink to the bottom of your pool are filtered out by the filtration system that you have installed in it.

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

A filter is required in order to obtain clean and risk-free water to consume. You have the option of purchasing either a sand filter, a cartridge filter, or a DE (diatomaceous earth) filter for your water system. When you buy a filter, you will normally receive the pump, the filter itself, the base, and the connections all in one convenient package.

b. Pool Heater

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

The price of a heater for an above-ground pool is typically around $2,400. The installation of a heater in an inground pool of any size might run as much as $6,000, depending on the size of the pool. If you want to continue using the pool throughout the winter, you should think about investing in an above-ground pool heater. There are many different kinds of heaters, including those that run on gas or propane, electricity, or even the sun. The capacity of the heater, the dimensions of the pool, and the manufacturer all have an impact on the final cost.

c. Pool Cover

Simple Deck for Above Ground Pool

In order to prevent rainwater from collecting in the middle of the cover, some models even come equipped with an integrated drainage system. Another option is to use an inflatable pool dome, which can be purchased for anywhere between $750 and $1500. A blower is used to inflate the dome, which offers protection from the elements, such as precipitation, insects, and ultraviolet rays. The dome must be deflated in preparation for storms and cold weather.

Inground Pool and Above Ground Pool

1. Size

The size limitations of in-ground pools do not apply to above-ground pools. Deck builders’ Seattle says that the depth of the majority of above-ground pools is consistent throughout, rather than being shallower at one end.

2. Maintenance

Both in-ground and above-ground pools are similarly high-maintenance. Without a deck, an above-ground pool is more work to maintain.

3. Product Life Cycle

Above-ground pools typically endure between 7 and 15 years, and their liners can be expected to last for around 6 years. When it comes to how long an inground pool lasts, the design matters. You can expect your inground pool to last for at least a decade and in some cases even two decades

4. Cost

Most homeowners pay between $28,000 and $55,000, putting the average cost of installing an inground pool at $35,000. Essential upkeep, higher utility bills, and repairs can add $2,500 to $5,000 to the annual expense of pool ownership. Above-ground pool installation costs generally between $3,000 and $11,000, and ongoing care is comparable to that of an in-ground pool. However, because of their smaller size, above-ground pools often cost less to clean and fill and require fewer chemicals.

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