Spring Cleaning Trex Decking Guide for New Year 2022

Spring Cleaning Trex Decking Guide for New Year 2022

It can be enjoyable and thrilling to plan and construct a deck that meets your needs and preferences. But it’s crucial to understand what you’re getting into in advance when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.

Trex decks, also known as composite decks, are common because they require less maintenance than wood decks do. However, no outside product is maintenance-free. On composite decks, dirt, filth, and mold can still accumulate, therefore they need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid this from happening.

Yet, You should be aware of various cleaning steps and avoidable problems in the cleaning process in order to maintain your deck in a long run. Today, Decking Pros NW will become your companion in the process of cleaning your trex decking. Keep reading this article for more useful information!

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I. Tool Require to Clean Trex Decking

Pressure washer or power washer (deck brightener)

_ Liquid soap ( best composite deck cleaner )

_ Soft bristle brush

_ Deck scrub

II. The Cleaning Solutions Trex Deck

1. Remove Snow for Cleaning Composite DeckSnow on deck

Depending on where you live, the country is either blanketed in snow or waiting impatiently for it to return. Some people, on the other hand, are eagerly anticipating the first snowflakes to fall this season.

Calcium chloride or rock salt can be used on older Trex composite decks, like Accents, but they must be rinsed off as quickly as possible. Avoid scratching your deck while using a snow shovel to remove snow or ice, and never use a metal shovel on a deck that is more than a decade old.

Steps can be taken now to better prepare your outside space for spring before the snow arrives. When the weather warms up, you don’t want to deal with the tedious process of cleaning your deck’s outdoor furniture. To avoid having to clean the residue that falls leaves and other memories of the season can leave behind, sweep the leaves and other debris off your deck.

During this step, you don’t have to apply any composite deck cleaner or use a pressure washer.

2. Remove Stain on Composite Deck MaterialStain on your deck

Hot water should be used to remove the discoloration as quickly as feasible. Pour-N-Restore for older Trex products can be used to remove the stain if it is still present. Follow the guidelines on the container for use. If the stain is on a newer Trex product, warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush should be used to remove it.

Bleach is accepted on Trex deck, just don’t overdo it. Combining oxygen bleach powder and chlorine bleach to clean the hard stain on your deck.

Pressure washing is another option for deck brighteners. Using a pressure washer on your high-performance Trex product is Ok, attempt to keep the pressure below 1500 PSI and the distance between the washer and the deck surface greater than 12 inches. However, Trex has a stain warranty for leaf staining and rust stains, you don’t have to worry about a stain on the Trex deck.

3. Clean Mold and MildewMold on deck

The biofilm on Trex’s surface can become contaminated with mildew and mold during the spring season, when pollen is a problem. Cleaning your deck on a regular basis is essential throughout spring and summer when the weather warms up and the flowers bloom. In order to remove mold and mildew from your Trex deck, Trex publishes a Mold Technical Bulletin on their website.

It is possible to use UltraMean instead of bleach cleaning if you do not want to use bleach. However, this will require extra scrubbing time.

Do not get any water on the deck. This moldy deck wash should be applied to a dry deck and then used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions after that. You can prevent mold growth by dry your deck regularly.

4. Cleaning Solution for Food and Grease on Deck

It is critical that any food that has been spilled on the Trex deck be removed as soon as possible. Food and grease must be removed from an individual deck board within seven days or the stain warranty will be voided.

Use hot water and dish soap to remove the stain as quickly as possible. For older Trex products, apply Pour-N-Restore by following the instructions on the label if the stain persists.

Stains can be removed off newer Trex products using a soft bristle brush, soap, and water cleaning. Warm soapy water is perfect for wood decking

5. Surface Debris and Concreate Dust Cleaning

As an outside element, every deck accumulates a certain amount of dust and grime. Soap and warm water are all you need to clean your deck.

Mop your deck surface for removing loose debris and concreate dust If needed.

Make use of a powerful hose to wash down the deck. This will get rid of the accumulated dirt on the deck’s surface.

Afterward, use soapy, warm water and a vigorous brush to wipe the embossing off the surface. If possible, use dish soap that has grease-removing properties, but any soap will suffice.

Rinse the decking with the hose to remove soap and grime.

If you have hard water, wait until the deck is completely dry before walking on it again. Using a clean cloth to dry the deck will help prevent hard watermarks if you have hard water.

6. Cleaning Shoes Scuff on The Deck Surface

Add warm water and half a cup of dish soap to a water bucket and mix thoroughly.

If you can find a soft bristle cleaning brush, dip it into the cleaning solution and use it on the marks.

If necessary, apply a more soapy mixture to the area and reapply it as needed to remove all of the scuff marks.

Rinse the area with a hose to remove any dirt or debris.

Use a third of a cup bleach and 1 gallon of water to erase any remaining marks after trying the techniques listed above. Scrub the marks with a clean brush dipped in the solution. Use this if mold is visible on the deck.

7. Grease Cleaning on Deck

The sooner you clean up any oil or grease that you spill on your Trex decking, the better. Spilling food that may contain either of these substances is just as dangerous.

If you leave oil and grease on your deck for an extended period of time, you may end up with a stain that is impossible to remove, no matter how hard you try.

If you discover any oil or grease on your Trex decking, you should act immediately. Use soapy water to remove any remaining oil and grease after rinsing with water.

As long as you don’t procrastinate, cleaning your deck should be a breeze. However, Trex recommends that oil and grease be cleaned from a deck within seven days for the optimum outcome.

III. Avoided Problem While Cleaning Composite Decking

1. Read Instructions Before Use

Be careful to read any cleaning instructions that come with your Trex product before using it.

2. No Sanding on The Decking Surface

It is not a good idea to sand your Trex deck. It is possible that the deck’s surface will be altered, and as a result, your warranty will be voided.

3. Aware of Pressure Washing

Trex goods from the first generation should not be cleaned with high pressure. Also, your warranty may be voided and irreparable damage to your deck may result.

For best results, use a pressure washer with a maximum pressure of 1500 PSI at a distance of at least 12 inches from the deck surface.

Spray dishwashing liquid on your Trex decking. Use a soft bristle brush to remove debris from each deck board as you clean it.

Spray each deck board separately with your power washer, using a fan tip and a distance of roughly 8 inches from the board with your spray wand.

The more water you use, the better it will be in cleaning your Trex decking. After you’ve cleaned all of the dirty water from your deck, let it dry completely.

4. Use The Appropriate Product on Trex Decking

Only Irwin StraitLine Dust-Off Marking Chalk should be used to remove colored chalk markings.

Trex decking should never be snowed on with a metal shovel. A plastic shovel is accepted

Railings made of Trex Transcend or Trex Select should never be cleaned with acetone or any other solvent.

5. Clean Dirt and Debris

If you decide to remove a portion of your deck from your property, it cannot be burnt or disposed of in your standard garbage can. When you’re ready to renovate or dispose of your Trex deck, speak with a Trex dealer to discover how to do so safely and properly.

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