Deck Lighting – Top Best Lighting Ideas for Every Style

Deck lighting should only be installed by qualified electricians. As a result, the installer will be tasked with handling wiring and connecting it to a transformer during the installation process. Decking pros NW provides you with landscape lighting services with maximum quality. Contact us at Decking pros NW for free advice about how much lighting you need, or the cost for your deck project. It’s also a good idea to hire an electrician who can help you design a lighting plan, measure your space, and select the best fixtures for your needs. Deck lights are available in a variety of styles, so be sure to pick one that complements the rest of your outdoor decor.

I. The pros of outdoor lighting

1. Soft glow for aesthetic look

Enhancing the visual appeal of a deck is accomplished by installing deck lighting. Outdoor lighting can highlight the deck’s most eye-catching features, such as a lavish patio set. Your fire pit or water feature could benefit from some extra attention as well. The natural beauty and energy of your home can be enhanced by outdoor lighting. It draws attention to interesting details, illuminates pathways, and imparts a romantic atmosphere. As you think about outdoor lighting, consider all of the features worthy of attention. Does your backyard have a lovely tree? It’s time to shine the spotlight on it. Is your patio decorated with eye-catching architectural features? Accent lights for the outdoors are a great way to draw attention to these features. Were you diligent in your efforts to create a stunning garden? Path lights are a great way to show the way.

2. Light outdoor space when it’s dark

The use of appropriate lighting solutions can also improve safety. To get to your upper deck, you wouldn’t want your dinner party guests to have to walk up and down a set of stairs that were dimly lit. If you and others need to move around safely in the dark at night, the proper outdoor lighting can help. Outdoor post-mounted lanterns are perfect for driveways and stair railings. Outdoor wall lights aid in the identification of doorways and exits, as well as the illumination of entrances. Step lights and path lights provide illumination for stairwells and walkways, while address lights make it simple for visitors to locate your residence.

3. Home improvement

Professional landscape and outdoor lighting enhances the value of a property in many ways. It can be used to draw attention to specific design elements or to amplify the appearance of a space. It enhances the aesthetics and functionality of popular outdoor living areas after the sun goes down. Additionally, safety is always a plus. Curb appeal can be improved with an entryway upgrade, which is a simple and low-cost way to increase the value of your home. To freshen things up, you only need a fresh coat of paint, a few modern lighting fixtures, and a few new accent pieces. As long as you follow the tips in this article, you should be able to finish the project quickly and easily.

II. Deck lighting idea for your outdoor living space

1. Solar lights

Solar lighting in outdoor living area

Outdoor lighting fixtures receive a great deal of sunlight, which makes solar energy an excellent choice in this situation. During the day, these lights charge their batteries, which they then use to power their lights at night. Using solar deck is really energy efficient.

2. String lights

String light add great lighting

Don’t underestimate the impact that strategically placed lighting can have. Light floods into this outdoor space designed by Ann Living, which is highlighted by glowing torches that surround the decking border. The real illumination, on the other hand, comes from the multiple rows of string lights that have been strategically placed directly beneath the sail shade. During the day, the sail shade keeps the sun from shining too directly on the ground, and at night, it serves as a backdrop for the small lights to reflect off of, creating a well-lit space for everyone to enjoy.

3. Post cap lights

Post cap lights for your outdoor spaces

Lighting fixtures can be added to post caps in a variety of ways. A large portion of the deck will be illuminated without taking up any room.

4. Illuminate deck lighting

Illuminate deck lighting

Lighting up the patio with decking lights strung from patio umbrellas is a great idea. If you don’t have posts to support the lighting fixtures, give this a shot with low voltage lights.

5. Wall lights

Wall lights

There are many types of deck wall lights, which are also known as sconces, which are fixtures that are attached to the walls using only the wall for support. You can’t put a foot down on it. They can serve as general lighting in a room, but their primary function is to add visual interest.

6. Path lighting

Path lighting

Maintaining a well-lit path and walkway is essential. Waterproof LED lighting solutions that disappear into the floor are ideal for this application. Bunnings has a good option for your deck railing

7. Lantern deck lighting

Try something news with lantern

For centuries, people have used ball lanterns to light up their surroundings in the dark. Nowadays, LED bulbs have become more commonplace, making them more energy-efficient.

8. Under rail lighting

Under the railing

Handrail lighting fixtures cast a soft downward glow. They also blend in seamlessly with the design of your deck, so you don’t have to worry about large bulbs obstructing your view.

9. Under step lighting

Install light under the step

You and your guests need to be able to clearly see the steps at night in order to keep everyone safe. For a simple, clean solution, place fixtures inside the risers. Havit sells complete lighting kits.

10. Pendant lighting

Pendant deck light

For most people, a ceiling-mounted light fixture is their go-to source of illumination when the lights go out inside. Adding an outdoor-rated light fixture to a nearby overhead structure, if one is available, will help illuminate the backyard. Whether it’s a lantern-inspired light or a sleek modern fixture, battery- and solar-powered pendant lights can easily add a bright light to a deck. Some outdoor pendant lights have remote controls that make it even easier to light up a deck for a dinner party.

11. Ceiling rail lights

Night falls light

Attaching a battery-powered outdoor-rated flush-mount light to the ceiling of a covered deck or patio is an easy way to add a bright overhead light for homeowners. Some models come with remote controls, making it easier to turn them on and off, while others have brightness controls and timers. There are more outdoor-rated recessed lighting options to fit almost every design aesthetic if a light can be hard-wired.

12. Pergola outdoor lights

Pergola over your deck space

Pergolas are a popular choice among homeowners who want a place to sit and get some shade while spending time in their backyards. Lights can be hung from the structure’s posts and grid of beams and rafters to illuminate the area at night. These Indoor/Outdoor LED String Lights or paper lanterns can be hung on a pergola to provide ambient lighting. Hanging lights from the rafters or wrapping them around the posts is a viable option.

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