Trex Toasted Sand – Explore the Secret of Trex

I. What does Trex roasted sand mean?

Toasted Sand Board is the name of a composite deck board. Trex toasted sandboard is manufactured with high-quality composite material. These boards have a dark or light sand color, and brown streaks run across the board, featuring a low-maintenance wood grain pattern. The beauty of wood can be seen in these Trex enhance deck boards.

Usually, because it is a composite board, toasted sand is made of 95% recycled materials.

II. Type of Trex enhance board

1. Rocky harbor deck boards

Rocky harbor

2. Grooved edge boards

Grooved edge deck boards have two grooves on the side of the board.

Grooved eadge

3. Grooved board

Different from the grooved edge boards, the grooved board has some crannies running parallel across the board.Groove boards

III. The benefit of Trex toasted sand decking

1. No fade stain

It has a lightweight scalloped profile for easy cleaning. The protective outer shell resists fading and staining; no sanding or painting is required. The toasted sandboard is backed by 25-year Limited residential and Fade and Stain Warranties.

Due to warranty 25 with, the toasted sand boards will be warranted for 25 years after decking. During the stain warranties period of toasted sand decking, when detecting damage or defects of the construction, the building owner or manager notifies the seller to request the deck builder to perform the warranty.

Also, the Epoxy protective outer shell resists fading to help it be even more durable.

2. Low maintenance

Trex enhances toasted sand decking are materials with low maintenance. The homeowner cleans easily with soap and water. Gentle cleaning with soap and water will help to remove every stain easily.

Besides, it is made of high-performance composite, so it has some features of plastic. It won’t rot, warp, or splinter, unlike wood in general. It has a splinter-free structure that is exceptionally comfortable walking above it. There is no sanding or painting required during the cleaning process.

Besides, it is backed by 25-year Limited residential, and Fade and Stain Warranties, so homeowners don’t have to worry about maintenance. It also has a scalloped profile for easy handling.

3. Aesthetic

The toasted sand decking is a warm blend of medium and dark browns. Sometimes, they can have a foggy wharf outer look.

The variety of Trex enhance is an essential factor for you for choosing it. They have to color pallet, which is Trex enhance naturals and Trex enhance basic. The grain pattern of them resembles the beauty of wood.Trex enhace natural

Trex enhance naturals are also available in grooved-edge boards for our hidden deck fasteners or square-edge for standard deck installation.

4. Eco-friendly

Toasted sand deck board is made of 95% recycled materials. For that reason, it is incredibly eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint.

The ease of composite deck boards will make the Earth have a low carbon footprint. In addition, toasted sand Trex enhance warrants 65 warnings. No chemicals are harmful to customers, their home, or their work environment.

IV.Some application for the toasted sandboard

1. Fascia

As backed by 25-year Limited residential, its high durability and extensive warranty make it suitable for fascia work. Fascia is in an elevated position, near the roof, so it has a lot of exposure to environmental factors. The square edge makes them sturdier and easier to drain. It is a required- quality- low -maintenance material so you don’t have disassemble it too much for maintenance.

2. Patio, porch decking

Composite deck board are perfect for decking, with high durability with low maintenance, you can install it as a patio or front porch decking. The Trex enhance natural boards is a good pick for decking.If you are concerning for a decking builder service, you can contact Decking Pros , they can provide you every decking service that you can think of!

3. Frame deck

Frame deck is the frame layer that is closed outside of your decking. Usually, people will choose a board that has a high contrast to the material of your existing deck. The enhancement naturals boards have many colors to choose from for picture framing. The square edge make it perfect for deck framing.

4. Deck railing

Besides the decking, you can use these boards for railing. With a square edge, it is really easy to DIY a simple railing with it.

The toasted sandboard is versatile to homeowners. It doesn’t rot, warp, or splinter, unlike wood. Besides, there is no sanding or painting required; the homeowner cleans easily with soap and water. Toasted sand required low quality maintenance also. The material resists fading and staining as much as possible. Also, with limited residential and fade,no worries about fading. The lightweight scalloped profile for easy handling and transferring. With 95% recycled materials, this is the one for an eco freak. It is an excellent investment deck board for your home in the future sweet home.

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