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I.Deck material for deck railing ideas

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1. Wood deck railing ideas

Wood is a traditional material for deck railing ideas. They are versatile for installing the wood railing. In addition, they create a very gentle look for the overall architectural space. There are a lot of wood deck railings ideas for homeowners, such as log railing or round wood railing. A 25-foot wood railing might cost you around $800 to $1,700. This includes the material, labor, and installation cost. Wood railing with high-quality wooden posts costs much more than other materials, so wood deck railing is a real investment. Composite wood is also an option for homeowners with a low budget.

a. The advantages of wood

Suitable for many types of decking surfaces such as granite, glass, or pure wood. High strength, hard, good impact resistance to ensure maximum safety for users in your family. The longer the wood railing lifespan, the brighter the wood surface and the more beautiful the color becomes, especially when choosing high-quality natural wood and painting it with anti-termite paint.

b. The disadvantages of wood

If the wood is not thoroughly impregnated, the wood deck railing will often be grainy, faded, and the wood grain will be black. Ambient temperature can affect the shape of wood your deck railing if the wood is not of good quality.

Besides, it is also easy to attack by termites if it is not maintained periodically. Besides, wood deck railing is difficult to clean; the more carving patterns, the more difficult it is to clean due to dust clinging to small crannies of your wood deck and railing. Wood deck railings costs are not low, but you can thoroughly consider using laminated wood or composite wood to save more.

2. Wire railing design ideas

The cable railing is a new deck railing idea. Cable deck railing has been and is becoming the interior trend of many families. The cost of a cable railing is about $60 per foot of wire.

It helps to create a unique for the house; comfortable, new, and highly modern. At the same time, cable railing also helps to get natural light from outside into the house. This creates a feeling of ventilation, freshness, comfort, and ease for all family members. It is a suitable decoration for your porch decking.

a. The advantages of cable deck railing

These wire balusters increase the aesthetics of the space, creating accents and differences for the house. Instead of using rigid concrete structures, the cable railing creates a new architecture. Especially for families .

who build and decorate in a modern style, this is the right choice

Plus, the installation time is fast, it doesn’t require complicated tools, you can do a DIY wire deck railing with this design. The installation time is pretty short; therefore, the cost is low. The cable railing is easy to clean, repair and maintain the cable rail. Last but not least, a wire railing is suitable for any home area.

b. The disadvantages of cable deck railing

A cable railing is not a safe railing design. You can use it for low installation, such as a backyard decking railing, or any outdoor structure such as an outdoor sauna or patio for decoration. That area that doesn’t require high coverage and protection is the best place to install cable railing. The sleek deck design is not for this wire railing.

3. Glass panels deck railing ideas

The glass panels deck railing is a handrail made of tempered glass and some other accessories. This type of staircase is not much different from the standard deck railing that we often see. This deck railing ideas use tempered glass as protective balusters can also be made of high-strength glass panels.

If wood was the primary and popular material in the deck railing design, today, the appearance of glass panels has brought a new breeze to interior design more modern and luxurious. Even with this model of deck railing, it also saves room space with a simple and sophisticated design that brings sympathy to users.

According to customer requirements, the glass deck railing has many shapes and sizes, from round, square, rectangular, or other forms. All are customized to suit your preferences as well as harmonize the interior space in the family.

a. The advantages of glass deck railing

First of all, the glass deck railing has high aesthetics. This is an issue that homeowners pay great attention to when installing any deck railing. Who doesn’t want their house to be more beautiful and luxurious? That’s why they often use glass deck railing compared to the metal deck railing, stainless steel handrail. This is also a great pair with a wood deck.

As mentioned above, the glass deck railing using tempered glasses of the standard length, providing a certain hardness and certainty to help protect under impacts. The strong force, in addition, tempered glass is also very heat resistant, protecting the safety of its users.

The glass deck railing has a variety of designs. Because the house architecture has many different styles, the glass deck railing is easy to install according to the plan no matter what building it is, if you have a design style requirement to match your aesthetic taste.

b. The disadvantages of glass deck railing

Glass deck railings are challenging to design decorative motifs. Many people say that glass deck railing is so simple, and they are confused about whether to choose glass deck railing or wooden railing.

4. Metal deck railing design

People use metal railing commonly in the construction of many different projects. Because it is both a decoration and a highlight, it also helps to protect the user safely. Metal railing is suitable for any deck design.

Depending on the house model, house segment, standard house or flat – classic or modern architectural estate, budget, and preferences, homeowners can choose metal railing ideas based on their choice.

a. The advantages of metal deck railing

Metal deck railing has always been known for its sturdiness and rigidity. When it comes to safety, you don’t need to worry because if the metal stair handrail is made from pure metal, it will be very solid and durable, more substantial than other materials. It will be the fulcrum to ensure you travel quickly, safely, and conveniently.

Did you know that iron is a very malleable and stylish material to beautify the house? The metal rail will not be as dry and rough as you think, but it will give the space in your room a striking, shiny, and awe-inspiring beauty that attracts all the guests’ eyes when they visit your home. Indeed metal deck railing always brings unique beauty and is suitable for every space of your house.

b. The disadvantages of metal deck railing

Nothing is perfect, and metal deck railing also has limitations; you should know these limitations when choosing metal deck railing for your project.

The metal deck railing will be permanent, but please take care of it. Because it will oxidize when exposed to air make the metal posts rustic.

However, you can overcome this disadvantage with a layer of anti-dust and anti-oxidation paint, so you are completely assured of the durability of the metal deck railing over time.

5. Aluminum deck railing ideas

The cast aluminum railing models are manufactured and processed by aluminum alloy; the motifs are designed but no less unique and sophisticated way. The cost is about $70 per aluminum post.

This railing model is often used with houses with modern design styles. It can pair with a wood deck or granite deck.

a. The advantages of aluminum deck railing

Aluminum alloy balcony is durable, solid, and has high rigidity, so cast aluminum railing products ensure absolute safety when used.

Along with the development of modern technology, cast aluminum alloy can limit the disadvantages of being easily oxidized and become rustic like other materials, so it has created even more durability over time.

Not only a tiny detail in the house, the building for the house, the cast aluminum railing is also a work of art that makes the house space special; it exudes luxury and always shines. The aluminum deck railing has diversity in design because it is shaped easily due to the material flexibility; you can custom deck adjust to your liking with a different pattern.

b. The disadvantages of aluminum deck railing

It is abrasive to cutting tools, requiring greater precision when an aluminum oxide coating forms on its surface; without it, aluminum will have a rustic texture after a long duration. It has a significant backlash and needs a unique process to weld. Therefore, when making railings, the cost will also be more expensive than other metals

6. Stainless steel deck railing ideas

The baluster, made of stainless steel, looks quite impressive and stylish. Metal handrails can provide safety for people walking the stairs.

These structures are found both in administrative buildings and in ordinary houses. Stainless steel railing is fantastic for any deck, such as a wood deck.

Prices for stainless steel rail can vary depending on the length of the deck railing and the complexity of the profile, ranging from $280 for two aluminum posts.

Because their appearance is aesthetic or not depends on the impression that the whole structure will create. If you choose the wrong handrail, you can damage the design element. Usually, they are framed by a smooth pipe, which is hugely convenient and practical. Where a wall encloses stairs, handrails are generally mounted so that a person can grip them and go down or climb easily.

The stainless steel rail meets the basic requirements of the installation. Its products and their components are durable and securely fastened.

a. The advantages of stainless steel deck railing

Stainless steel is an alloy, which causes chrome to be added to iron. As a result, the material appears with different positive qualities: it is resistant to corrosion, durable, and resistant to chemical environments.

Metal has the main advantages – high strength and flexibility. Products from stainless steel are most popular because they are capable of accepting different configurations.

These products are incredibly durable, have an enormous load-carrying capacity, and are not subject to deformation. The high hardness allows them to avoid scratches caused by external damage. Because the material is protected from corrosion, it retains its original shape for a long time.

Stainless steel is resistant to temperature changes and humidity. Standard metal can be oxidized can become rustic, but stainless steel isn’t.

b. The disadvantages of stainless steel deck railing

The cost for stainless steel is high; stainless steel railings must not be attached to asbestos-cement walls or drywall.

It is pretty tricky to the custom deck because it is primarily ready-to-built rail.

II. Deck railing ideas for the homeowner

1. Round wood deck railing

The round wood deck railing l is considered the most popular handrail in modern-styled houses. The wooden design will bring simplicity, harmony, and modernity to the space.

Beautiful wood quality with luxurious wood grain, neutral wood color, not too dark, not too bright with delicate curves and bends, each step is beautifully designed. Composite wood is a great alternative, but natural wood is a good choice for this design, but a composite is also an alternative option.

2. Square wood deck railing

The square wood deck railing ideas are considered one of many people’s most elegant wooden deck rails. The characteristic deep wood color and beautiful, luxurious, and spacious wood grain give the house a new beauty, full of energy and inspiration. The DIY deck railing is often coordinated with the square handrail pattern, elegant and prominent black painted small iron bars.

3. Porch log posts deck railing ideas

Unlike the round wood railing, the log railing is the specific name for the handrail with a log with shape. The fencing is built from multiple small wood posts. This is an affordable DIY deck railing because the wood itself doesn’t require machining or tools. It has a rustic and classic look of unsanded wood.

Usually, homeowners use the logwood deck railing for outdoor space, such as patio, porch, or sleek outdoor deck. Log railing can last pretty long in outdoor space, and you can quickly turn it into a beautiful DIY railing for any building. However, it is not a great design for indoor living spaces because it lacks refinement and aesthetics. With this log DIY deck railing style, you need natural wood posts because the composite is mold into a rectangular shape.

4. Lattice wood deck railing

Lattices, in general, are fantastic DIY deck railing ideas to renovate your outdoor design. It has a different style compared to others. Each bar of railing will cross each other, create a beautifully unique pattern. It is a custom deck; you can DIY it at home or order it at a trusty company. This deck railing is might not some people’s favorite, but you can renovate your outdoor space like the front porch or patio with this style.

5. Fence-shaped deck railing

This railing has a specific fence shape; you can apply this style with wood, aluminum, or stand-less steel. It is suitable to build to secure the outdoor living of your house. This is a relatively dangerous shape of deck railing ideas, so you might consider not installing it inside the backyard. It could cause damage to your children.

6. Metal pipe deck railing

Instead of this straight rectangle bar, the pipe-shaped deck railing is a sturdy design for your home.

7. Solid board deck railing design

Usually, the traditional deck railing design includes a gap between the bar; however, it is accessible to the DIY deck railing ideas at home with this solid board design. These wood panels will act as a traditional railing bar. Composite boards are excellent choices for this; wooden boards might be too costly.

8. Sunburst DIY deck railing styles

Instead of a straight line rail, you can style the railing with a different look. It is a DIY railing so that you can install it with a simple tool. Follow these photos below to have a good look at this design. This creates a unique and complex to your fencing but still guarantees the safety ness of your rail. Again, both composite or natural wood is an excellent material for this type of design.

9. Curved glass deck railing ideas

Curved glass deck railing with curved or twisted design with the advantage of saving space makes your home softer and more attractive.

With various designs that can be easily arranged in different locations, it can be in many different styles such as luxury, polite and modern or classic, depending on your home, and more. The curved deck rails’ beautiful curves make them an impressive piece of home decor.

10. Flat bench deck railing

Decking railing with a bench is a space-maximizing option for homeowners. This unique combination will create a focal point for your backyard. However, you should choose composite material so that this deck rail can be more sustainable.

11. Flower box deck rail

If these traditional railing bore you, be creative by using flower pots as your rail. Use wood or metal box to plant trees, bonsai, or some common flower like roses. These flower boxes will act as a rail for you. Such brilliant deck railing ideas!

12. Plant-on-top railing

If you are not interested in installing a flower pot deck, try to plant flowers on top of your regular deck.

13. Frosted glass rail

Clear glass panels are classic material, but why not use frosted glass rail. If privacy is your priority, you can choose these frosted glass panels to install your rail.

14. Branch DIY deck railing

This is quite similar to log rail because it makes from woods, but instead of using whole wood logs or wood posts, it makes from the branch. The unit needs to meet some requirements, such as its hardness or stabilization. The inside is a solid consistency, not rotten.

15. Rope DIY deck railing

This is in these cable railing categories. You can optionally tie the knot of the rope to highlight the deck.

16. Frameless glass deck railing

Due to its transparent nature, the pillarless glass railing helps expand the space and vision. Due to its evident nature, the glass will make your home or office more spacious and airy. The feeling of being cramped and stuffy will be completely gone when you install a pillarless glass rail.

17. Modern box railing

The box stair handrail means that the standard bars will become rectangular boxes. However, this idea is more than safe, so choose the right place to install it.

18. Multiple color railing design

Fencing often has single color only, but adding color can attract kids and make them feel relaxed in a kindergarten.

19. Chain railing ideas

Typically, you can see chain railing at sleek places like ports or bridges. Areas with high humidity are easy to affect the material for making railing. However, large chains are usually made of metal. The chain is very durable, able to withstand harsh environments and times.

20. Modern minimalist railing

The simplest decking for your home. You can install bars parallelly and or in the horizontal direction. If you have a low budget but still want a highlight for your deck, this is the one.

21. Lights deck railing ideas

Under-railing lights deck railing ideas are a great idea to ensure safety. At night, you can take advantage of these lights to guide the way into the house. Or, when you need a quiet and romantic space, the little lights of the handrail create what you want. According to your budget, you can custom your deck with the different types of light you want.

22. Cable deck railing with wood frame

Pure cable railing is a modern railing; however, it will become even more stable and fashionable with a wood frame.

Bridges railing often across Japanese fish ponds. It has a slightly curved shape, suitable for all types of decking. This can be the best spot for your backyard as it has Japanese architecture. Consider these wood railing ideas for your future home.

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