Wood Decks – How to Choose the Best Wood for Decks

Wood Decks – How to Choose the Best Wood for Decks

Top deck material

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I. Decking material

1. Composite decking

Composite decking is currently a prevalent trend today. Composite material resembles 90% of the wood outer look, not only bringing aesthetic design and high use-value, but the use of composite decking also saves a large amount of money compared to natural wood decks.

The installation of outdoor composite decking is subject to many environmental influences.

It is more significant for the outdoor living project because it has high durability due to the composite material. There are many composite brands available on the market.

a. Capped and uncapped decking boards

There are two types of standard composite decking boards, call Capped deck boards and Uncapped deck boards.

The characteristics of both types of composite are that they have plastic components to resist natural factors affecting deck quality.

Capped composite decking will have better quality because they have a protective coating on the outside, so the cost is more expensive than Uncapped composite decking.

b. Hollow composite versus solid compositeAcacia decking product

The most obvious sign of the hollow composite is “hollow.” It has a honeycomb design inside it, creating a lightweight material for transporting and installation. However, this type can trap water inside its hollow hole, so be conscious before buying it,

A solid deck is a whole solid board; there is no honeycomb inside. This material is quite heavy compared to the other options, that’s why the price is also higher.

2. Natural decking

Every wood-related product has a higher price than other materials due to the limited resources. If you are looking for real investment, consider these wood options for your deck building.

The natural product is excellent for outdoor living buildings because it adds value to your home.

a. Acacia deckingLocal oak decking

Acacia laminate decking is produced from the trunk of the Acacia tree, a precious material. Acacia decking boards offer good quality with solid durability, smooth grain, and a beautiful grain surface.

In particular, the Acacia deck is resistant to termites, has very high hardness and durability. With a shelf life of up to ten years. Acacia wood outdoor decks help your home add outstanding value.

b. Oak deckingLocal oak wood decking

Local American oak decking is quite common in many countries around the world. Because oak is a tree that gives deck quickly, it does not require a long time of up to a hundred years like other precious trees, so the cycle of oak planting and exploitation can meet mass production needs. It is a forest tree with a short harvest period.

However, the oak deck still meets the basic decking standard in terms of strength, beautifully textured surface combined with bright colors, making Oakwood decking modern with many modern style people. This type of decking is also relatively affordable, suitable for the spending of many users.

c. Merbau deckingMerbau decking project

Compared to the “brother” of limited Padouk wood, the Merbau deck has high-class features such as durability, luxurious redwood tone, and beautiful mountain-shaped grain.

In particular, many people prefer to use Merbau natural deck. Because, after a period of use, about two years or more, the amount of latex in the deck will cause the wood floor to change color into a very eye-catching and attractive crimson red.

d. Fokieni deckingFokieni decking project

The shade of the wood core varies from dark brown to light brown depending on the age of the wood; the older the tree, the darker the color. The luxury, elegance, elegance in classic European style is what this deck will bring to your home space.

Not all types of nature deck in the world meet the above criteria. This is the difference between Fokieni wood of other kinds of decks. Besides the same characteristics as different types of wood, the Fokieni deck board also has a strong wood core that is resistant to termites like many precious decks.

e. Sanna Siame deckingLimmited Sanna Siame deck project

A type of deck that cannot be ignored is Sanna Siame laminate flooring. It is a group I tree with high-quality advantages but not a rare species, so the logging process is more convenient.

Sanna Siame deck products are very popular with high-end customers because of the attractive beauty of the jet-black appearance of the board. It gives a unique feeling of luxury and attracts people to enjoy it. There are not many types of natural deck that have a mysterious black pigment like the Sanna Siame wood deck

f. Teak deckingTeak decking product

This is also the most popular type of flooring because the Teak deck is also a precious deck belonging to Group III. It has many good bearing characteristics due to the strong wood core, low expansion limit warping.

This type also has the rare advantage that the Teak deck contains essential oils, so the longer it is used, the more oil is secreted, making the floor surface more beautiful.

A type of board that lasts as long as it is beautiful, the better it deserves to be on popular committees.

II. Decking style

1. Classic

This is a style characterized by a very smooth texture. In other words, the surface is smooth, not too dark, but still gives a realistic look. Classic is easy to combine, not outdated, flexible to suit all requirements of homeowners. This is a classic wooden floor design style.

2. Shaded

This is a style that connects light and dark floors. Two contrasting colors interfere on a smooth surface to create an eye-catching look for the room. Make your space become really luxurious, create the impression of a splendid space that everyone must admire.

3. Antique

Antique is a style that has a lot of similarities with Classic. However, this style shows more nostalgia. While Classic brings the soul of tradition and framework. Antique-style decking is very versatile. It goes well with both modern and traditional decor, sometimes with subtle elegance. With this style, no two planks have the same textured surface. With dark boards color, combining a large space like a large, luxurious villa will show the class and position of the owner.

4. Organic

If you love creativity or innovation, Organic is the ideal choice. Decking in this style often has neutral colors ranging from perfect to imperfect. All will attract and impress you. Organic style parquet is an irregular arrangement. The neutral slats have a sawn grain texture that makes them even more unique. Overall will make your home unique, more modern than ever.

5. Linear

This is also one of the most popular styles. Linear is often found in gray-toned boards. It brings lightness, warmth but no less luxury, and modernity to your home.

6. Uniform Color

If you love minimalism and Minimalism style, then Uniform Color is the first choice. Because this is a simple color floor, most of them are dark (black), and light (white). For those who like to be bold, this color is somewhat boring and rigid. But in fact, when used in decoration and interior design, this is the perfect color combination with all the furniture in your home.

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