Trex Railing Installation – Full Information You Should Know

Trex Railing Installation – Full Information You Should Know

With an exclusive design, almost limitless options, and a 25-year performance warranty, Trex railing is a top composite railing solution for your house. For both children and pets, properly railed areas offer a much safer and more secure environment. Trex railing offers a wide collection of colors and element types than any other railing and it is high-quality, long-lasting, and low-maintenance.

Installing Trex railing may be an uncomplicated and satisfying process. Almost anyone can construct their own DIY deck gate with a little preparation and step-by-step instruction. So, how much work goes into installing a Trex railing?

Let’s learn more information about Trex railing installation with Decking Pros NW! Keep reading to make your dream to reality by learning the fundamentals of measuring, scoping, and constructing your decking and railing. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, you might want to have a professional contractor help you with the installation of your deck.

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1. Trex Railing Installation

a. Appropriate Railing LengthAppropriate railing length for railing

All Trex Transcend appropriate length is made with the following a 6′ (1.83 meters) on center and 8′ (2.44 meters) on center, the center of each post is measured to be 67-5/8″ (1718 millimeters) (measured from the center of each post).

b. Appropriate Railing WidthAppropriate railing width for safety

To meet building requirement, balusters must be no more than four inches apart on center. However, if you choose, the standard rule of thumb is that your railing should have three balusters every 12 inches.

2. Trex Transcend Railing Installation Element


A. Top crown of rail

B. Universal

C. Trex Railing Support Bracket

D. Trex Assembly Guide

E. Bottom Rail gaskets

F. Balusters

G. Post cap

H. Plump Post sleeve skirts

I. Post sleeve

J. Trex decking

K. Trex fascia

L. code- minimum joist size is 2″ x 8″ (

M. code-minium joist size is 2″ x 8

N. Adjustable foot block

O. Baluster spacer

a. Baluster Option

_ Standard composite postsComposite baluster

Instead of the original, use a Baluster Spacer for Square Composite Balusters. A 91.5-inch horizontal rail can be used with them. Use a pair of scissors to make the desired length. The Trex Transcend rail’s baluster spacers are designed to snap into the rail and conceal the brackets when the rail is not in use.

_Aluminium baluster post-placement

Transcend railing only installing for rail heights up to 36 inches.

b. Appropriate Railing Width

_Blank baluster spacersTrex baluster spacer

In order to fill the space between the balusters and the top and bottom rails, the Trex Transcend Composite Accessory Infill – Blank Baluster Spacer is used. If the cable railing does not include balusters or glass infill, this infill should be inserted at the top and bottom of the Transcend railing. It is only available in an 8-foot section, but it may be made to any length you need. In order to attach the rails to a post or wall, you’ll need to purchase separate mounting hardware.

3. Guide on How to Install Trex Transcend Railing

Normally, it is quite complicated to install Trex railing since it has a lot of detail. You can contact Decking Pros NW for recommendations and installed costs.

a. Attach Pressure-Treated PostsStep 1

When placing posts, verify the railing’s real lengths and adjust the posts accordingly. They should be spaced 6′ or 8′ apart to allow the railing’s length.

You’ll use 12″ carriage bolts to attach the posts once the right length has been determined. If you’re going to use 2-inch by 8-inch joists, remember that the top bolts must be positioned 1 inch from each other and the bottom bolts must be positioned 5-and-a-half inches below the top bolts.

Additionally, you can countersink the bolts flush with the framing to accommodate the fascia attachment.

Blocking can be installed for enhanced strength; consult your local building code official for details.

The connection of the posts is a vital component of a railing system. Ascertain that all applicable local building codes are understood and adhered to.

b. Attach Post Sleeve Skirts and Post SleevesStep 2

Next, glide the post sleeve skirt above your post until it rests on the deck surface. Then, position the post sleeve inside the post sleeve skirt.

c. Installing Railing Bracket and Cutting Railings and Baluster SpacersStep 3

To begin, insert the railing support brackets It is critical that the top are placed flat-side up and the bottom RSBs are placed flat-side down.

Once installed, fasten the RSBs with the included 2″ wood screws and remove the template. Rep for the remaining seats.

You should ascertain that plumb post sleeves. Rails should be snapped into baluster spacers and placed between posts, ensuring that baluster holes are evenly spaced from each post. The size of your baluster spacers should be the same in length as your rail. Once the rails have been cut, remove the baluster spacers.

d. Make Foot Block Hole and Attach the Bottom RailStep 4

Attach the foot blocks to the bottom rail by inverting it, centering it, and drilling a 3/16″ hole through it. In this location, the foot block attachment will be installed as the final piece to be installed.

Begin by installing the crown rail on the RSBs when you’re ready to attach the top rail to the wall. Afterward, use three self-tapping screws to secure the top rail to the RSB (provided). In the RSB, use the three outer holes rather than the one closest to the post, just as you did with the bottom rail attachment.

e. Make Placement and Attach BalusterStep 5

Snap-in the lower baluster spacer while the bottom rail is still attached. Invert the arrangement of the pieces and place the upper spacer on top of the lower spacer (it will slide up the balusters in a subsequent step).

It is vital that the balusters are properly set in the channel by inserting them into the baluster spacers and checking that they are entirely seated. Insert the balusters at an angle into the top rail.

The top baluster spacer can be snapped onto the top rail by inverting the spacer.

f. Installing Post Caps and Install FootblocksStep 6

You’re almost done. Finally, use silicon or PVC adhesive to secure your post tops.

Before the silicone or glue has a chance to dry, use blue painter’s tape to keep the post tops in place.

Another tip is: Before the adhesive dries, remove any excess.

4. Is Trex worth your investment?Trex railing

Trex decking and trim are an excellent investment, it add extra strength to fit inside your deck. Considering that wood rots and requires a great deal of maintenance, the labor required to install composite is equivalent to that necessary for installing wooden flooring. The labor costs to replace a deck with Trex or wood, for example, can total $4,000 regardless of which material is used.

Timber decks require maintenance and re-staining at least once every two years, with the cost of doing so averaging $1000 for a deck of average size and complexity. The reason for the continual staining and upkeep of wood decks is that horizontal surfaces do not shed water as effectively as vertical surfaces. It has a tendency to pool and puddle on the surface. The sun blazing down on the wood deck, as well as foot traffic, are both quite destructive to the wood

5. Choosing Deck Builder Kent Wa

A Trex railing is not only a good investment for the safety of your beloved people but also can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house. Although installing a balcony railing can be considered a do-it-yourself effort, this can help you save money on labor. Hiring a professional crew, however, may turn out to be the best option, which can allow you to save a lot of time and prevent any unexpected accidents. Therefore, choosing the proper team right from the beginning might make all the difference in getting exactly what you desire.

Decking Pros NW – Deck Builder Kent Wa

Decking Pros NW is a prestigious company, specializing in consulting the design and construction of the most appealing Trex railing models. The company’s team of experts will give customers suggestions on the most suitable railing model for your house as well as on your budget.

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