Top 15 Gorgeous Water Features for Patio Ideas

I. What is a water feature?

A landscape water feature is an excellent way to incorporate art into your outdoor living area. It doesn’t matter if the water feature is the centrepiece of your landscape or merely a supporting piece; the sound of trickling water can help you relax and feel at peace.

Standing water is the worst thing you can experience, water feature is completely different.

II. Advantages of water feature it in your outdoor living space?

1. Relax outdoor space

The sight and soothing sounds of water features can help you relax and take your mind off of stressful situations. You can reduce your blood pressure and improve both your physical and mental health by simply putting your feet up, relaxing, and taking in the restorative effects that nature has to offer.

2. Add value to your home

A landscape water feature is an excellent way to incorporate art into your outdoor living area. It doesn’t matter if the water feature is the centrepiece of your landscape or merely a supporting piece; the sound of trickling water can help you relax and feel at peace.

III. 15 Outdoor water features for your home

1. Water ponds


Cost: $7000

Homeowners love natural ponds because they add a basic element to their landscape that is always in style. Construction methods for natural ponds include digging a hole and lining it with either a rigid or flexible liner.

It is common for people to add an artificial waterfall to their filtration system in order to reduce the noise of the submersible pump. Any landscape can benefit from the natural beauty of a well-designed pond.

2. Pondless waterfalls

Cost: $10.000

A waterwall is a type of wall in which water slowly flows down the wall and is fed back up to the top. An outdoor kitchen or pool area with a waterfall adds an extra level of opulence. To prevent mineral buildup from the (typically) masonry wall from contaminating the water, a filter is used.

The waterfall’s sound can be tweaked by applying different textures to the wall. LED lights can be used to great effect when added to a room.

3. Standard waterfall

Cost: $2000

For a more natural look, the waterfall can be built as a separate feature or integrated into the overall design of the pool area. It’s possible to create a waterfall using real stones, sculpted concrete, or fiberglass.

The final height of your waterfall will be greatly influenced by the topography of your backyard. The amount of water movement and the type and number of drops in a typical waterfall affect the sound of a waterfall.

4. Rain curtain

An adult design feature is the use of rain curtains. The upper portion of the device is drilled with equal-sized holes in the desired pattern . Pumping water back up is done by adding a pump. There are many ways to incorporate rain curtains into the design of an outdoor living space, from covering a portion of the pool to creating a stunning outdoor kitchen.

5. Scupper

Cost: $5000

A scupper typically has a greater volume of water than a sconce, and the volume of water is typically greater for a scupper. Using a scupper, you can move water from one location to another In some cases, the lower level is a pool, while in others, it is a channel that connects to the pool. Built-in filters have been used to ensure that the water is free of contaminants. Depending on how much water is present and how large a drop is from one level to the next, a particular sound will be produced.

Scuppers can be combined with waterfalls and other elements to create elaborate structures that descend in stages and evoke the grandeur of old-world palaces. LED lights have the power to completely alter the atmosphere of a room. There is a wide range in prices.

6. Sconces

Cost: $2000

The scupper and sconces share a design universe, but the sconces probably predate the scupper. Cities like Rome, Athens, and Paris still have sconces adorning their streets. A cherubic figure holding an amphora with water “pouring” out of it is a common motif on classic sconces. The addition of sconces that drain into small catch basins is a must if you want to give your yard a vintage vibe.

7. Laminar Jets

Cost: $500/each

Laminar jets have become increasingly popular over the past two decades. As a result, you may be taken aback if you don’t see any in the hotel gardens. Many different water flow patterns are possible with a programmable unit, from wide to narrow to intermittent. The use of LED lighting at nighttime pool parties can create the illusion of a flowing liquid light stream.

8. Bubbling water feature

Cost: $500/each

Sometimes referred to simply as “gurglers,” these features give the appearance of hot spring-like activity by evoking images of bubbling water.

There are a variety of ways to install bubblers, from custom designs to kits that are widely available. If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your backyard, bubblers are a great option. Adding a few to the patio, outdoor kitchen, or pool area will create a welcoming atmosphere.

9. Water fountains

Cost: $500/each

Fountains can be large or small, simple or ornate, modern or a little bit baroque. It’s common for them to feature statues of all kinds, built-in lighting, and even LED lights to add to the ambience and mystery. In most cases, fountains are a stand-alone feature that serves no other purpose than to draw attention to themselves.

Depending on how your fountain’s water flows—whether it drips slowly down the side of a rock formation or pours in torrents—the sound it makes will differ. Water is pumped back to the top of most fountains via a collection pond. There is a wide range of prices.

10. Stream

If you want to get the most out of your stream, you will need a lot of room. For a natural appearance, it’s best to incorporate a stream into your yard in conjunction with other landscaping elements rather than plopping it there at random. To achieve a high level of quality, it may be the most time-consuming to design of all the available water features

11. Birth bath pond

There are many ways to incorporate a bird bath into a landscape, from a simple one-off purchase to a more elaborate, custom-designed one that is integrated into the overall theme. On a hot summer day, sitting on the patio and watching the birds bathe in the birdbath can be both calming and uplifting.

12. Regular pool

You can host parties and social gatherings in your backyard, as well as work from home if you’ve got a swimming pool. By providing a gathering place for socializing and unwinding, swimming pools have the potential to unite neighbourhoods.

13. Hot tub

A higher core temperature and an increased likelihood of dozing off quickly are two benefits of soaking in a hot tub. Evening soaks promote restful, uninterrupted slumber. Warm water with a pulsating massage jet applied to aching joints can increase blood supply to those joints, which helps to remove inflammatory particles from the area, thereby reducing pain.

14. Jazzcuzi

Taking a dip in a Jacuzzi can be an effective way to lower levels of stress. The warmth of the water has a calming effect, and it also helps the muscles to let go of any tension they may be holding.

Because you are using it, the number of negative thoughts that you have will decrease. In addition, there is nothing that sounds like it would be more convenient than being able to reduce your level of stress while relaxing in the privacy of your own home.

15. Outdoor wells

You don’t have to worry about a water main break in the city affecting your water supply if you have a well nearby. Instead of a water spout, you can have a wells. The cost of transporting water long distances from the city to your home is eliminated and you gain the convenience of always having water available when you need it.

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